Derby #63 Cyberpub: Music is my language

Say anything, right? Just be nice about it! As always, friendly derby discussion is welcome too. :slight_smile:

Over ice, pour:

1¼ oz Pimm’s No. 1
3 oz lemonade
Top off with lemon-lime soda.

Garnish with a cucumber wedge, mint leaves, a lemon slice, a frozen strawberry and an orange slice.

(recipe for a Pimm’s Cup, as served by The Hub in Japan)

how about this?




ue ;goze8ela kio./7329p (& O#[ 0"#**) ]w40t!

and don’t you forget it!

I’m starting to wonder why I bother posting a Derby Cyberpub if it’s been reduced to this kind of tripe…

Up next: Derby #63: Art as Text

Way back in Derby #36: Text as Art, we asked you to take words and make pictures out of them. This week, we’re asking you to do the opposite: take pictures and make words out of them. Confused about the distinction? This week, think about the classic “animal alphabet”-type children’s books, where an alligator’s open mouth makes an “A”, a slithering snake makes an “S”, and a yak’s horn’s make a “Y”. Think about what every kid in America does when they hear the song “YMCA”. Think about those aerial photos where a crowd of people stand positioned in clusters to spell words. Illustrations that form text, get it?

No fonts. There are many fonts out there that do this kind of thing. None of them are allowed. You can’t just type out some text and call it a Derby entry. Where’s the skill in that? Please tattle if you notice someone else doing this, too.

We’re just having a bit of fun. It’ll pass. :stuck_out_tongue:


just starting the cyberpub thread isn’t enough anymore, there aren’t enough people posting regularly to attract any traffic. posts beget posts, and no posts leads to “tripe.”

although i do like my tripe.

If it’s a waste of your time, then stop.

I think I might do a photomosaic of my woot designs that spell out a letter or letters. Have to only be up to 4 letters to be recognizable.

How about the word “VOTE”? hehe

an excellent suggestion. yay, saturday late nights/sunday mornings are free again!

What? No! Don’t forget about the other threads!

There are other threads?

The intention was to create a place for derbygoers to talk and potentially be off-topic. I’m now getting PMs asking if there’s some other place to talk because people don’t feel welcome here (although I have yet to hear why they’re not feeling welcome, so I can only speculate).

EDIT: However the Derby Cyberpub is used, things rarely stay true to their intentions. As long as it’s being talked in and people like it it’ll keep getting posted.

That’s frightening… or they just don’t know our sense of humor. Most of us are rather friendly. Of course, us old timers tended to hang in the other derby thread in EBW

I’m surprised…I’ve always felt welcome here, and I don’t even enter the derby, or even talk about the derby much.

i can only speculate that they feel left out whenever someone makes an in-joke that they don’t get.

hey lurkers, we don’t bite. sometimes we talk shirts, sometimes we don’t, but we’re mostly friendly and won’t critizice yer spelin and tiping. tho grammar mite b anotehr story.