Derby 632: Circle Shirts query/clarification

Hey, just wondering if anyone knows for sure with next week’s Derby if the entire design has to be within the circle, or if bits can be sticking out of it or above/around it so long as the main design is constrained in the circle?

I was thinking about this too. I’d say that as long as the overall weight of the design is a circle you’re good. I can’t imagine they’d just want a bunch of designs that are literally framed by a circle. But I’d stick to the challenge as much as possible and try to keep it very round in layout.

@caityjean is right. We want a bulk of the art to be inside a circle, but we’re cool if some of it extends beyond. Hope that helps!

Cool, thanks for info, just wanted to make sure - didn’t want an immediate red cross on any submission :slight_smile: