Derby #64 Cyberpub: What's in a name?

Say anything, right? Just be nice about it! As always, friendly derby discussion is welcome too. :slight_smile:

Schindler: People die, it’s a fact of life. He wants to kill everybody? Great, what am I supposed to do about it? Bring everybody over? Is that what you think? Send them over to Schindler, send them all. His place is a ‘haven,’ didn’t you know? It’s not a factory, it’s not an enterprise of any kind, it’s a haven for rabbis and orphans and people with no skills whatsoever. You think I don’t know what you’re doing? You’re so quiet all the time. I know. I know.
Stern: Are you losing money?
Schindler: No, I’m not losing money, that’s not the point.
Stern: What other point is -
Schindler: It’s dangerous! It’s dangerous to me. You have to understand, Goeth is under enormous pressure. You have to think of it in his situation. He’s got this whole place to run, he’s responsible for everything that goes on here, all these people - he’s got a lot of things to worry about. And he’s got the war. Which brings out the worst in people. Never the good, always the bad. Always the bad. But in normal circumstances, he wouldn’t be like this. He’d be all right. There’d just be the good aspects of him - which - he’s a wonderful cook. A man who loves good food, good wine, the ladies, making money -
Stern: - killing -
Schindler: He can’t enjoy it…What do you want me to do about it?
Stern: Nothing, nothing. We’re just talking.Schindler: [He pulls out a slip of paper] Perlman.

(From Schindler’s List)

Up next: Derby #64: Pets
Are humans the only animals who invite other animals to live in their homes? Are humans the only animals who teach other animals tricks to perform for their amusement? Are humans the only animals who construct receptacles specifically for the feces of other animals? One thing that separates us from the animals is…our animals.

This week, we’re talking pets, the creatures with whom we share feelings, food, and fleas. If you insist on going beyond the old standbys (dog, cat, bird, rabbit, fish, lizard, snake, horse, little furry rodent, etc.) and claiming that a hyena or a lamprey is a pet, you better show us why. In other words, a portrait of a majestic lion roaming the veldt is verboten; a portrait of a majestic lion on a leash eating from a food dish is OK.

No text this derby

Here’s my draft of my idea… walk me, daddy… comments? I’m off to bed so I hope I get good ones by the morning :slight_smile:

Skek, if it weren’t for all the “boooooo asphalt” comments you’d no doubt get, I would recommend that colour to furthey convey the melancholy. As it is, I’m just mentioning it and letting you decide. Looks good though.

Also - I think the doorknob should be on the other side. Maybe? My front door has the knob on the left when looking at it from the inside.

ours has it on the right.

vote for dodgeball #99!

posting early is usually the kiss of death, but then again, what have I got to lose, really?

@Skek - Good job capturing the sad look in his eyes. I feel sorry for the poor guy. Don’t listen to the crazy guy from Canadia. Our doorknob is on the right, too. :wink:

@Kenney - Cute!! :slight_smile:

no idea really grabs me at the moment. sigh.

i was thinking of drawing a sleeping panda, but the black coloration around a panda’s eyes make them look awake, the way i draw them.

It’s true!!

i have no clue what people like to wear on their t shirts.

Birds. Trees. Octopi. Zombies. Turtles. Anything by James Cho.

There’s some seriously great stuff this derby. Anywho, here’s my pitiful attempt for an entry this week. I’m continuing to explore my drawing style and using it to build upon. I think I may go back to designing everything 1st gen in Illustrator. Although I do like the contrast of the drawn dinosaur, chain and bowl with the Illustrator made children. Any feedback is appreciated.

Oh, and I wrote a report on him you can see in the entry thread.

i think i’d be interested in seeing the dino’s head cocked back towards the kids a little. also mabe a little happier. he seem a gloomy gus with no affection for his people, more terrified slave than beloved pet.

but that’s just me. what i like and what wooters like are worlds apart.

have one of the kids thats sliding down should have her hands up, and no1 has a good point. Its supposed to be a loyal pet, not a slave. Maybe have the tube kid waving.

EE 380 (Assembly programming) midterm was today. ARGH.

The last question had us write a short program. I did it correctly, but then I thought that I should change part of it to make it more elegant. I thought about using “indirect addressing”. This made me go back to another question that involved it. I had done it correctly. But I CHANGED IT. And then I used it in my program using my new INCORRECT take on it, thereby making the program incorrect too. So where I had both parts correct, I now have both parts WRONG.


I despise myself right now.

That’s my fault. It was a conscious decision to have him looking depressed. I mean, all day long these kids are climbing up your chain and sliding down your back into your water bowl. I mean sure, there’s no longer a high probability of becoming a meal for a passing allosaurus, but still, it’s a pretty humiliating life.

I guess I over-thought it. Should have gone for the old generic pet loyalty. It would have probably looked better.

it’s not too late to change your major to basket weaving.

well, that depends. do you want to win the derby or do you want to keep your artistic integrity? sometimes you can do both… sometimes you have to choose.