Derby #64 (Pets): Honorable Mentions


Best set of HMs in a while. Nice picks this week, woot, and congrats to all the artists.

Lassie? Lassie? Oh where oh where is Lassie? Lassie…oh…you’re helping that poor retriever with sore front paws walk. You are SUCH a good girl.

wow, what a surprise! thanks woot! and congrats to the other HMs!

Good choices this week, Woot.

Looking forward to getting to vote for some of these again! (soon :wink: ) :slight_smile:

Thanks woot-staff!

Nice to see Woot and I are back on track with having a lot of the same BLAs vs. HMs. Here’s a couple they missed in the weekly Overlooked Awards:

Boo Cerberus… Fable, send it to TeeFury as soon as you can. >_>

Congrats to the HM winners. Great choices overall - I especially agree with Toe’s HM. It’s not Greek mythology, but it’s still mythology. :tongue:

Which, if “You Are Here” is any indication…she can do whenever she wants.

How did “The Doctor is in” get an HM when it is posted at threadless too?

Maybe it is an old link or something, because it was mentioned during the derby as well.

Threadless has a 90 day hold. I know they’ve printed things later than this often, but I presume they contact the designer within the threshold of their intention. Since this design ended scoring 220 days ago, it’s long since free of the contract.meaning it is free to be entered here, into woot’s contract. Threadless keeps pretty much everything in the archives, but as far as the official contract, the designer was long since free to submit this.

I’m no huge fan of people using old work in the derby (though I approve of them submitting as dailies), since I feel it puts the designers who start from scratch at a disadvantage, but there is no rule being broken here, and it’s certainly a design worthy of a second chance.

That makes sense. I am not very familiar with threadless posting or voting. Going back and looking at it again I see that it was posted there quite some time ago.

Don’t start crap with Fury.

scoring finished 221 days ago…read the link

yeah I noticed Cerberus was missing too!

great picks, woot

except missing Cerberus

I don’t think my woot stuff is Teefury quality. They don’t seem interested at least.

I Love you! :slight_smile:

ahhh the super cute kitty bath is one of the honored selections! That made my day!
> ^ . . ^ < meow