Derby #64: Pets

Wow, lots of potential for this one. I’m predicting a lot of cats and dogs keeping us as pets type entries.

I was just thinking the same thing, T

This will be awesome. Think of all the trees with birds on leashes… the possibilities are endless!

EDIT: LOL cats are also on my ‘must see’ list for this derby.

ooh, fun. my puppy can make a triumphant return, too :slight_smile:

i like this one

At least this crowd won’t vote up the first cute anthropomorphic animal entered…

AAGGHHH! i feel a year older because of that last derby, thanks a lot shirt.woot, I’m thinking that some one might have tied…or all four of us (Trick or treat, Zombies, Coffee and Octopus) for that matter. what happens in a tie, will they sell all of them, cause that would be cool.

Anywho here we go again. good luck everyone!

Ties sell both shirts together on the first day for $10 total.

Congrats on getting your zombie shirt in the top 3. I wish octo was too, 'cause I like that the best of the 4 fog’d shirts.

I’d love to wear a pet-themed shirt, but a lot of them out there are just too cutesy for my taste. Hopefully we’ll get some smart and fun stuff that doesn’t resemble Anne Geddes or however you spell it. That woman scares me a bit.

Falconry is one of my passions (though I don’t have a bird of my own)… I’m just hesitant to do a bird entry, I kind of felt dirty using a fish last derby.

but you have to admit, a red-tailed hawk is a wicked awesome pet.

C’mon bluchez…I thought you were going to get dibs on dogs, cats, hamsters, rocks, ferrets, and teachers’ pets.

Do pet rocks count as pets?

Chia Pets?

Of course, the REAL disappointment is that Woot! will wait until next week for a Halloween derby meaning that if you really want the winners for Halloween you must pay a 500¢ premium for reasonably rapid shipping. Shame on you Woot.

I call Giga pets. except… they aren’t popular anymore. :confused:

I feel a koi coming on. :slight_smile:


Can somebody do an entry of dogs not being allowed into Heaven? That would be nice.

I hope we get some odd animals that “could” be pets besides the usual suspects.

Can I get in on this one?

Man, I was hoping for an artistic derby. You know, one with color or style limitations. We haven’t had one of those in a while.