Derby #65 Cyberpub: I'll come to thee by moonlight

Say anything, right? Just be nice about it! As always, friendly derby discussion is welcome too. :slight_smile:


ring ring ring…

Is this the party to whom I’m speaking?

I keep mine in my Pocket.

duct tape man!

And now, bed. Night all. I did my duty by making sure the theme got posted. ^_~

This really could be my week! “YOU’RE THE PUCKER!”

You wear the shirt and make the face, but when you’re not making the face, it’s not a costume anymore!!


Actually, this is just a placeholder for the rules…
Up next: Contest #65: Shirt as Costume

Some people accomplish marvelous feats of engineering and artistry in the pursuit of an amazing Halloween costume: cinema-grade fake armor, extra arms that actually move, that whole shower-curtain apparatus. Well, good for them. This week’s Derby is for the rest of us, the ones who don’t need the hassle of some elaborate getup but also don’t need the hassle of people calling them out at Halloween parties for being the only person in street clothes. Create a shirt that serves as an easy Halloween costume, one you can pull on in two seconds but that also gives you plausible deniability against charges of not being dressed up.

Incidental text only. A nametag or logo is fine as one element of a larger design. “This Shirt Is My Pirate Costume” is not.

How’s this?

how much text is incidental text?

I don’t know. It certainly would fit in their example, though. “I am duct tape man” would be OK if it were part of a name-tag, right? I can’t see anyway they’d let a version of this get printed though.

I see a lot of the potential designs being submitted getting rejected for copyright infringement…

Wondering if I should give this one a pass…

Do you think there’s problems with this one?

sorta reminds me of “dick in a box”


I imagine this is too much text for them.

Are you going to sew last years front to this years back for all of us?

I have on you moon shirt!

Where’s my Nader ballot??

Shhh… don’t tell anyone… I got an idea…


Do you think cow udders would be rejected? I’m thinking of a cow costume, but I’m not sure if the udders on the bottom would be rejected for being “perverse” or not “PG-13”. They should be fine technically since they show Barnyard the series on Nick, and that’s seen by a lot of pre-13 year old kids…

I can see it now, candy in the left slot, viagra in the right…