Derby #66 (Versus): Honorable Mentions


Man vs. Machine was killer, so wasn’t Fiction vs. Non-fiction. All in all great HM’s! Most deserving!

EDIT: Can’t wait to see the reckoning today :slight_smile: Might lose some greats!

Yes! PB versus J!!! I know some of the other entries had great artistry, but that’s the one I really wanted to see here :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks Woot! I’m quite honored to be included in this group of artists. Congrats to everyone else, too. Great picks this week.

Congrats to us! Thanks for the nod, woot. I was quite happy with the way this one turned out…

Lets reckon some shirts and ruin hopes and dreams already!! :slight_smile:

congrats to all - each one is well done!

This is probably the BEST HM list I’ve seen in a while! Grats to everyone. and Jason… is there a Sunday movie in the works? = “Both “Cuddly” and “Killer” were nicknames of mine in prison.” I wanna know where I can get the book first.


congrats to the HM winners. kinda wish fable’s South vs. East would have gotten a nod, but on the plus side it does mean it’s free to be printed elsewhere in 60 days.

what the frick? where’s South VS. East? why do you hate that shirt, Woot? what is wrong with the world!!!

Reckoning! Reckoning! Reckoning!

Come on woot, break the bad news to us!


You can view the live positions of all of the shirts by going to their pages and looking on the right for the reckoning rank. You can either use old blog posts, or the shirt.what? link in my sig to get to the shirts to view this.

Jakey, if you’re that desperate to know, just look at the Reckoning Preview from Friday. Reckoning gets locked in at 12pm Monday, they just haven’t done the writeup yet. And if you really want to know this second, I’ll just tell you the only major changes: You Are A Pirate! made it up to 20th, Now Let Me Get This Straight… dropped to 21st. Congrats blam, farewell coconut.

Ninja’d by blu. Yay blu!

I never knew about this at all, nor have I ever read anything about this. WEIRD!

Thanks though, very useful!

Thanks for the nod woot! It’s much appreciated. :slight_smile:

This is a great HM list overall. So happy to see both Edgar and VonMonkey up there.

How often do they do the Double-Take Derby’s ?? Any idea when the next will be?

Congrats to all the HM’s! Thanks shirtwoot.