Derby # 663: ROYGBIV

The Woot-gods of old would not yield to your blasphemous acts. They would smite thee and all your acts of flippancy. (the new woot-gods are just monkeys, literal monkeys, I’ve seen them… the drive around woot head quarters in their little cardboard box car)

I am highly satisfied with the new literal monkeys. I’ve suffered many unjust rejections in the past. Am I still bitter? No. No, of course not.

You guys playing cards? :slight_smile:

In the discussion thread for last Derby they clarified that this was Ok:

Can I assume the WONDER part of this next contest is open to WONDERful interpretation?

Does the description imply a requirement that the design reference a giant statue or otherwise previously listed official Wonder of the World?

I think one you have a wonder of the world (current or from the past) incorporated in some shape or form, it’s fine!

It said that you could make up your own…