Derby 669 Preview

[u]Derby 669: Wordless Humor -[/u]
We could all use a good laugh. So Derby #669 should be chock-full of visual gags, jokes, puns and other laugh-inducing antics. But we want you to work for it. So no text. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Also, no cream tees and no politics.

In the mood for something more serious? You can submit your giggle-free designs through the standard submission portal. .

And thanks to everyone who’s contributed thoughts and suggestions in our forum thread about the Derby. If you haven’t weighed in yet, hurry! The discussion closes on 8/17.


I see cats are allowed again. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but we all know that cats are not funny… ;D

What do you mean by no text? We aren’t allowed to implement text in the design?


Make your joke visual. We’ve done it here for years. Many of us (old timers) still try to design that way because we have all been conditioned to do so.

Who are you calling old… We’re Classic. OG. Seasoned…

Well seasoned, marinated, even! I’ve only been here since 2009. I’m sure I am not the elder-statesman… But I feel I might be in the top 10 or so (consistently subbing in the derby).

Let’s nail this down early.

Obviously, text means the whole or partial letters of the alphabet—not only the Roman alphabet but all other alphabets as well, from Cyrillic to Klingon to Elvish. This would also obviously hold true for logographic languages as well.

What about numbers?
What about typographical characters?
What about non-typographical characters standing in for typographical characters?

We’re gonna be sooooo moist and tender…

In the past. This was subject that came up over and over. The rules were that if it can be found on a keyboard, then it should be assumed to be restricted. People would trying get away with dashes, question marks, circles and even kanji and the like… All these would cause rejection.

There was a discussion about circles and dashes representing on and off, if they would cause rejection… We used to getting crazy deep in the weeds.

If your gag requires and typographical element in order to communicate the joke, then rework it, or abandon it. That was the rule that I lived by back in the day.

I got rejected for an ohm symbol once. Back in the old times. Yeah, I’m still mad.

Does question mark constitute a text? XD

Always has in the past.

I see, thx

It might be instructive to show off one of my personal fave visual jokes from the early days of derbies.!!!-zhkbv9-s.jpg

It was submit during a no-text derby, and was summarily rejected:

The takeaway: if something so purely visual can be axed for its use of text, probably so will your design’s use of text.