Derby #67 (Video Games Through Art History): Honorable Mentions


wow! what a surprise. thanks for the nods woot! congrats to the other HM’s as well :slight_smile:

Grats Sokowa and VonMonkey! I loved both of those.
Toe, I may not have cared for your Tekken shirt since it was so big and boxy, but loved the simplicity of Sonic as you hit it square on the head for Haring’s style. And I really wished that Drakxxx’s Vampire shirt had gotten the love instead… it was exquisite.

Happy for the loop, sokowa, and VM nods, but sad to see no Boots love. Both of her designs were top-notch.

Thanks Woot!

unexpected, but thanks!

I confess that I like all the ones above mine better than I do mine, and several others as well…
<cough> Mondrian <cough>

ah man a lot of my favorite ones won’t make it to the do over derby

this is very true. her dig-dug was good enough to wear without even getting the reference, and her Dali Chocobos really captured the art parody.

Color me a tad surprised at the “LOVE” mario, tho… I saw a lichtenstein rejected for “no text, even in lichtenstein”. I would think this would have been equally non-incidental. But what do I know, your rules are more inconsistent than picking from a hat.


Thanks Spastic and Adder. I’ve never gotten any HM love, but I think I’m getting over it. The HM gods are obviously just jealous of me because I’m so… pretty? I’m the Snow White to their Evil Stepmother. At least that’s how I like to think of it…

But thank you both for saying the nice things. Having people like my stuff enough to make a post about it is so nice. I’d take that over an honorable mention, any day! :slight_smile:

Edit: and Bradyson, too! You posted while I was posting. You’re all the best.

Double Edit: I forget to congratulate the HMs. Especially Gamer Mother. That one is amazing. Sorry. I got wrapped up in a towel of self absorption for a minute there.

Almost all of the shirts were at least worth a smile, if not a nomination for the next do-over derby.

Shame there weren’t more MOTHER (Earthbound) designs, what with Mother 3’s fan translation coming out 3 weeks ago.

yeah, I was kind of surprised too. Although, I did argue at submission that the colors and shape of the sculpture are what actually made it, not the word. It could have been random rectangular boxes and curvy things, and it would have worked, the actual text used was incidental to the original sculpture.
I think that is pretty true, actually, having seen two or three of the LOVE sculptures up close.
I also argued that the center of the piece is actually the pipe wrench, not the text, that it was just the thing that the pipe wrench was holding up.

Yes! So happy to see Sokowa’s design up here–it was my favorite of the derby. Also glad they went with the creme over the cranberry.

I’ll second the sadness over the lack of Boots love. The chocobo design, while not for me, was excellent. And her Dig-Dug shirt would’ve been an insta-buy for me, despite my not having played the game in years. Adder’s take on that design is dead-on.

Oh, and while I wouldn’t wear loop’s design, what artistry! :slight_smile:

Surprised you didn’t point out the portal reference getting an HM when it’s been a banned topic since Cake. :tongue:

Congrats to all HM winners, especially Toe. Is this the first time that someone has received more than one HM for a single derby?

Artulo once got two for pixels. I don’t recall others.

And the Portal crap was rampant this derby. It still ticks me off, but the Mario was more shocking. Though to Jo’s credit, it looks like the art piece in question. David’s has no michelangelo style, and doesn’t really give me a feel for the piece in question. I don’t understand woot’s david fetish in general, tho… he’s one more ok draw-er with no shirt skills, and I truly prefer the normal hacks to the ones that think they’re better than everyone else, but have nothing to support it.

Gamer Mother is one of my favorite designs ever. Or should I say best “t-shirt” design. Wish it would have printed.

Thank you for the nod woot!

I’ve purchased a few shirts but I don’t really comment. I just wanted to say though:
Wow, I like most of these designs much better than the ones actually printed.
I especially love “Gamer’s Mother” and “Fighters in Love”… would have bought those in an instant. And “Young Guitarist” and “Sonniku” are pretty clever. Overall, I think the entries in this derby were quite good. Great job everybody!