Derby 671 Preview: Animal Warfare

[u]Derby 671: Animal Warfare -[/u]
Calling all creature commandos: Operation Derby #671: Animal Warfare is about to get underway. Entries should feature animals of all stripes (or scales or spots or whatever) at war with each other, be it paw-on-claw combat, or something a little more psychological. We’re going to allow cats in this derby, but let’s all try a little harder than the old, tired tropes like cats vs. dogs or mice tropes. Or guerrilla/gorilla warfare. We can do better. The only rules: no politics or cream tees.

Not feeling furrrocious? Submit your friendlier animal designs through the standard submission portal.

Also, let us know your thoughts on the tweaks we made to the layout/format of Derby page this week (color, font, tone, etc.).

The layout looks good. Much cleaner.

About next week. Fictional animals, okay? OR do they all need to be real?

I actually read the initial theme as animal welfare, haha. I’m looking forward to the entries a lot more now that I realized it’s warfare.

Oh man, I read it as the same, and was like - yes, great theme!
So I feel the opposite as you now haha, I would prefer it be about animal welfare :slight_smile:

Fictional animals are indeed acceptable.

awesome! Thanks

Interesting theme! Animals are always fun.

Okay, I have a technical question for Woot (or anyone else who can answer with authority).

I am working on a design for the the Animal Warfare derby, and I am trying to recreate a watercolor-type effect (something like Walmazan did recently with his Go Away shirt.

The question is this. In this new DTG printing world, do I need to still half-assedly convert that effect to halftones? Or can DTG print that effect as is?

And since I’m asking questions, how exactly should we be preparing Print Files? Do we still put each individual color on a separate layer (and name the layer by its Pantone color)?

Thanks for the help.

Can’t find it now but I think it was in an email that we should still separate our colors. I’m not sure how you’re creating the watercolor effect, but you can use transparencies as long as it’s over top of another color, and not printed directly on the shirt.

Separate your colors, but you only need to halftone elements that will overlap the t-shirt directly. A blend/gradient on top of a solid color does not need to be halftoned.

Always separate layers for each color, pantone color not necessary! Can just put “brown,” “blue,” etc. As for any transparencies, please halftone!

I know this is a big ask. And it’s not an immediate thing, but it might be good if woot created their own best practices graphics tutorial video for the new DTG printing process.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many words a 10 minute video might be!

Is the derby strictly warfare themed or can it be fighting/boxing related? Wasn’t sure if anything other than war/combat would be rejected or not.

I say fighting is appropriate! Go!