Derby #68-69 Cyberpub: What's in a name?

Say anything, right? Just be nice about it! As always, friendly derby discussion is welcome too. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the Double-Take.

Could you please explain this double-take to me please?

Double-Takes are now slated to occur once every three or four months (I forget what they announced last time). A double-take is essentially a chance for woot’s favourite non-winning designs to get a second chance at printing.

At the end of each derby, Woot gives out Honourable Mentions to their favourite designs. All of the HM-winning designs will appear in the Double-Take derby unless they’ve been printed somewhere else or the artist opts out. Woot will also (probably) include various others of their favourite designs that did not receive HMs.

Note that nobody can submit designs to this derby - it’s entirely hand-picked by woot from past derby submissions.

After the double-take is over, Woot has traditionally followed it up with a week (or two!) of “Editor’s Picks” where they print their favourites.

Good morning, all ye who have escaped from the derby!

And happy howdy hi to you, too! I spilled cole slaw all over my Bandolier of Carrots yesterday. :wah:

but, but, bandidos don’t eat cole slaw! for shame.
-sorry about that, it sux.

good news! The “Shout” treatment apparently got it out before it turned into a permanent stain! Sadly my pants did not fare so well with the barbecue sauce…

But the faux western crowd there totally loved my shirt!

As I went to pick up my son from school yesterday afternoon, a woman was leaving with her student, and a couple of younger kids, one was about 4. The kid looked up, saw the bandolier of carrots, and as I got closer his eyes got bigger and bigger. By the time I reached them and walked past, he had a huge grin on his face. It was awesome.


See y’all later…


r u sure it wasn’t cuz ur zipper was down?

Wooot! the drug me back into the derby… its good to be loved :stuck_out_tongue:

i wooden no. :wah:

Everyone luvs someone, its too bad you’re no1

Your what is wooden?

do you really wanna no?

I think I’m anti-Patchitect. They certainly don’t love me.

Most of the world is Anti-me… iz not reel luvz iz teezin me wiff false hopez

somebody does.

at least u hav hopez!

See Joe da unlicenced designer… you haz luvs