Derby #68: Double-Take Derby 3

I’m in.

I’m certainly in this week :wink:

Needed that break. Though apparently I’m not in.

Thanks, Woot.

Didn’t they announce what the next derby would be last time? Maybe they will later on…

I’m totally in this week too. :wink:

If you all make the pucker guitar hero win, I promise I’ll stop!!


I know… it would be mighty nice to have the theme for next week and actual time to work on it!

In as well! Good luck to all.


Well I’m new to this. So… How does this work? Do I resubmit my designs?




Is “honorable mention” the same as “best losers”?

Hope so, would love to see how my Panic entry fairs with an earlier start :slight_smile:

I’m in, too, but man do I feel like a little koi on big t-shirt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope… different website.

No, the Best Losers are done by thatrobert and have no affiliation with the woot Honorable Mentions.

no, woot picks the designs and posts them.

only entries between the Emergency Derby and Last week’s Versus Derby will allowed and only if they were part of the Honorable Mentions list that they do every Monday after the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are announced. If you’ve never received an HM any time between those derbies, you won’t be part of the competition this week.

No. Best isn’t the same as the Woot’s HM list. They are totally separate (although occasionally, BL and Woot hit the same nail on the head)

Good luck everyone. I hope there are some editor’s picks too…

The description says “including, but not limited to, the Honorable Mentions”. We may see a few more woot picks crop up, and I hope we do. However, it’s totally up to woot, and I’m sure it’s already decided.

SAD DAY! I was hoping to get an entry into this one, mayhaps they will use my Frog vs. Explosives… but prolly not. Oh well, I’ll use my best voting skills to cover this one.