Derby #68: Double-Take Derby 3

I am wondering if there will be surprises due to many designs still being in the magical 60 day window… That’s my only hope I’ll see my Honu (turtle) design come back to life.

These have a chance…

But THIS GUY seriously needs to be redeemed! Pig FTW!!!

Well I may have more in the do-over, but these are the ones I’m going to pimp…er… promote…

With shorter periods between Double-Take derbies we will see less entries, I’m wondering if they might fill the gap with 4th and 5th place designs.

As current king of 4th place, I certainly hope so.

or even the top 10 would be good.

eHalc reporting in from a campus computer lab…

That would be nice. I’d like to see Grim Jr. get another shot.

Also wouldn’t mind seeing the Famine Hippos again, although they only made it to 7th. No HMs, no guarantees…

Has anyone received an email for non-HM designs?

I certainly hope so… I have a few that could use another look by the voters. ::grumbles about the element derby::

I don’t think they will choose such a rigid metric. I think they’ll pick anything they like or they think will sell well whether from 4th place or 112th.

Well if I’m not in it! Good Luck to those who are! Stellardig*




Yeah they usually put in stuff from all over the board, and will probably also go with a lot of entries that didn’t get HMs.

stellar, in the future, could you be so kind as to put your links in your sig? (go to ‘your account’ tab and at the bottom you can add them in there)

I second the grim jr. I loved that one.

Edit: Deleted the links to shirts Woot apparently didn’t select…

My turn! Here’s what I got:…-d9fl8e-s.jpg

Good luck to us all! Here’s to weeks and weeks of editor’s picks, too!

That one from the Work derby will probably go over reeeeallll smooth in the redo derby. Good luck! :wink:

Yeah, I swore to rglee that I’d own that shirt if it printed. I’m still swearing… :smiley:


Unless things have changed since the last time I stopped by, you can’t resubmit designs for the Double-Take Derby.

Woot is going to select non-winning designs from the past derbies for you to vote on. It’s not up to you whether your old designs are included or not.

Speaking for myself I’m only putting up designs that got HMs and are therefore likely to be in the redo derby.

Jack, some of us are posting our already confirmed runners (the HM entries have a confirmed spot) it’s something fairly new that woot started right around May or so.


Thanks J I will next time!