Derby #69 (Miniature Worlds): Honorable Mentions


Awesome! Thanks woot and congrats to all HMers!

I expected to see geekfactor12’s Gentleman World-Eater get an HM. It was superb.

What…no army men? Didn’t that one get close to 700 votes?

Congrats to the HM’s

Yay…glad to see the penguin up there! :slight_smile:

ah the true best of the derby!

This is “Honorable Mention,” not “Mention more popular crap, like the crap we printed already”

Some really solid stuff this time around, which I cannot wait to see not get printed in favor of vastly inferior dunce-cap options in the next do-over.

Hey cool! Thanks Woot!

Thanks a lot, Woot. :slight_smile:

Whoa, those are some terse descriptions, woot :smiley:

WTG on some great HM’s this week! Congrats to all :slight_smile:

Yay for the Music Transfer Service and the little candy workers and the snowflake!! I’m ECSTATIC they will be back in the Double-Take Derby! Though I am disappointed that little guy writing with the huge contraption didn’t make it. That was a very cool concept.

Thanks Shirtwoot! It really is an honor to be among these amazing entries.