Derby #69: Miniature Worlds

Oh boy… This is definitely going to be interesting.

Ooh… I have an idea already!

I am full of non kid friendly ideas… poo

This reminds me of the scenes on pushing daisies when Ned and Chuck were little wearing the monster costumes and crushing the play-doh city.

This sounds like a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

I don’t get it.

Well, there goes my hope of doing anything productve for the next couple of days!

Oh this one is going to be fun…

think “honey i shrunk the kids” “the borrowers” “micronauts” “the incredible shrinking man”… stuff like that.

Wish i had an idea

and time…

Pushing Daisies FTW!

Me, too.

Is this where I call dibs on “The Earth as a marble”?

oh like everyone else that thought of Men In Black when they read the description?

Kewl! Have an idea already! Now, I just have to make it adult friendly too… lol

Derby #69 was a number with so much potential, and they’ve gone and tried to make it child-friendly? For SHAME woot.

Still, “the relationship between tiny things & big things” and “69” is giving me giggles all the same …

no no great lyric…really. push the little daisies and make em come up.
When you lie, kiss your baby bye bye bye
And if youre true, the whole wide world will laugh with you
When we see nothings wrong with you and me
Time will tell, it might even bring a wedding bell

If you think that Im a loser
Well you suck, cause you know I aint nothin but a user
Of your love I cant get enough
Girl its true, the whole wide world is smiling with you

Push th little daisies and make em come up [4x]

Sometimes I know, and sometimes Im on the go
But Im comin back, so dont give me no flack, yeah
Its all you, and its me too
And its your world, yous the girl, yous the girl
Happier than shit, things that might go click with me
Click with you, is that love? is that love, ohhh…

ooooh… so THAT’s where ‘Manos! Hands of Fate’ came from :wink:

yup. good thing too. cause I personally, would have use a more “derogatory” word.