Derby #70 (The Seven Deadly Sins): Honorable Mentions


Congrats HM’ers!

Hey! My first HM! Thanks.

Oh goodie, I’ll get another chance to see Zenne’s shirt not get printed in late January. I never really wanted to own it anyway, so watching hackery beat it out a third time will make me ecstatic. I’m so glad woot lets us vote as a pure democracy

Thank you woot!

I also posted it to deviantart and it got a feature there :slight_smile:

All good choices. Congrats to all.

wait…this is sarcasm, right??


Hey! How did the fire one not get in here?

I’d say because it sucks, but woot has HM’d a coffee stain.

some nice choices! I still wish zenne’s had printed… but the HM is a good thing.

congrats folks

Yay, BootsBoots! Finally.

I know!

Wow! I am proud as heck to be included in this sort of company!

…and her head should swell with pride.

For my money, this design by BootsBoots is probably the best design I’ve seen on woot, and possibly anywhere else too. I can’t really think of anything bad about it, I’m just a huge fan.

boobs boobs boobs

Aww man, Josephus. I’m glad I randomly came back here and read your post. Because that was probably the best compliment I’ve gotten on woot (and possibly anywhere else too). Seriously. Thanks :slight_smile: