Derby #71 (Thrift): Honorable Mentions


Some excellent choices this week. Though I’ll be sad when none of the first 5 or 6 print, and the anime furry-fetish cat does.

I agree that the choices overall were good, but I do not see how the cat falls under the category of “furry fetish.” It’s a cute cat, get over it.

I agree on some excellent choices. Though I did prefer Budi Satria Kwan’s first version of “prepare for flight” on yellow.

Oh, and thanks woot gods!


Thanks Woot, for showcasing my worst performance yet. :slight_smile:
Honored just the same!

Some good choices.

I’m glad to see “Reduce. Reuse. Regift.” even though by the time there’s another Double-Take, it’ll be after Christmas and it won’t get anywhere. I also really like “Live Cheep”.