Derby #71: Thrift

This should be interesting… lots of options for this one. Start your brains on that turkey people!

I think Woot enjoys stumping me.

you mean after I fall asleep? XP

Interesting theme. we’ll see how it goes.

My entry… vote!!!…-18frjb-s.jpg

Ahh!!! I have an idea!!! Dibs.

Let’s see… playing basketball with a football, um… using a [insert random thing] for a [insert random thing unrelated to first random thing], sporks,…

this makes me think when woot really runs out of ideas they will have a “make the most creative giraffe” derby or maybe even a “what if penguins could fly” derby…

Well, judging by the lack of postings, this week’s entries will trickle in slowly over the weekend. The text permission makes for more interesting ideas…

My 2 cents says the winning design will show up Monday morning…

I know allowing text is akin to opening Pandora’s box, but I think that this theme has lots of potential. It will be interesting to see if there will be a holiday slowdown to the entries and the rejections.

I have NEVER seen a “more interesting idea” with text in it.

Okay, I’m guessing that there are going to be a lot of “penny pinchers”, but this is what I got so far… HELP appreciated. :c)

I sure have… Didn’t say better ideas, just… more interesting…

That is a much fairer interpretation. Duly noted.

Here’s my initial sketch. What do y’all think so far? Too text oriented, maybe? I’m probably going to reword the text, what’s there was just off the top of my head. And, I think I’m going to add a pirate on the ship and an aluminum can in the water. He’ll be saying something that I can’t think of yet, but implies that he sees the can as “treasure.” Let me know if anyone thinks of anything good for him to say… I’m also thinking of adding a pirate saying “Remember the three Arrrs, mateys!”

I’m uhhh tired of all the pirates in these derbys.

Pirates, Octos, ninjas, penguins, skeletons and samurais are all getting pretty stale.

Yeah. I’m sick of them too. I almost didn’t do it because it was a pirate design, but the “Three Arrrs!” thing popped into my head and wouldn’t go away. And in my defense, I’ve never done a pirate, octopus, ninja, penguin, skeleton, or samurai design in my life. So, I think I’m allowed ONE lapse in complete creativity. :slight_smile:

Also, my other design idea involves sock puppets, but I left that sketch at my parents’ house today when I was there for the Thanksgiving extravaganza, so pirate came first. Bleh.

This is my first time posting my Rough Draft before I actually submit, but here it is. I figured I might as well stir up ideas/posts. Any help or criticism is very welcome.

Hah. I guess I’ll enter in an attempt to get a free shirt. :slight_smile:

I can’t draw any better than this, so Ill post my stetch to try and spur on some other peoples’ minds.