Derby #72 (Book Titles Re-Interpreted): Honorable Mentions


Glad to see Masque of the Red Death in there. Definitely one of the best derby entries I’ve ever seen. Congrats Zenne.

thanks for the HM woot.

Awesome! Thanks for the nod woot! You just got to give the “guy in the wheelchair” some respect… he probably knows how the world will end and just isn’t telling us.

Hey, so it looks like a wrinkle in time didn’t make it - will that be headed over to the site you have tgentry?

YESS! looks like my month off from woot paid off :slight_smile: Thanks guys!
i reccommend all artists take a month off too…especially the really good ones ; )

P.S. i was really glad to see “Paradise Regained” get a nod…very creative, i love it

I was surprised and happy about Paradise too. It was one of my favorites. Yay!

Thanks for the HM! :slight_smile:

thanks for the compliments, and thanks for the hm, woot! It’s made me as happy as a eatureless human whisked away to paradise by a giant robot.

Hoping Paradise will do well in the Do-Over, or become an Editor’s Choice. Similarly so for Round the Moon. I’d purchase both. :slight_smile:

Congrats to the other HM winners as well, especially Toe for one of the more unique approaches to Lord of the Flies.

Where’s Call of the Wild??? Seriously you guys didn’t think it worthy? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? Now I am ANGRY.

That being said, where can I buy it, then?

thanks for the nod, woot
and thanks for the support, wooters

Congrats to all the HM’s!

You can always just make it yourself

LOL… oh you and your witty banter! You made my day.

I wish I saw that beautiful Scarlet Letter design and the “Paradise Lost” that had the two dice with the panicked facial expressions here. Those were my favorites.