Derby #73 (Optimism): Honorable Mentions


Awesome! a BLA and an HM! thank you woot! my joy knows no bounds!

congrats on the HM’s! I love the dodo one especially

Congratulations to all on the fabulous work, but I’m really disappointed that “Cheer up, She Found You” didn’t get an HM.


Nice Work Guys and congrats on the HM, but where is ‘Cheer up she found you’ or ‘he’s totally gonna make it’?
They were awesome shirts too!!

And a resounding “AGREE” !!!


was truly deserving of better

Glad to see the breakfast shirt on the list–it cracked me up. I’m surprised they didn’t give Boots the HM, though. She definitely had an artistic, thoughtful piece that had the good fortune of having a rather large following. I’m not bitter about it or anything–every derby has great entries that get overlooked by dint of there being so many good submissions–but I’m a little surprised.

Yeah. That’s disappointing.

Those were my favorite two and they really fit the theme. I’m surprised.

Congrats on the HM’s.

congrats recipients of honorable mentions!

Just what I was thinking.

Also, the comment on Loopy’s design seems to be the same as the one on Riff’s from Book Titles. Forgot to modify the template? :tongue:

Thanks shirtwoot, and congrats to all the HM’s.

Aww well thanks, guys. Actually, it’s probably for the best. I’d like to put it up on Cameesa in 60 days, like EHalc suggested. That might be a better venue for it. You guys will support it there, right? Maybe? Some people will?

Thanks and congrats to the HMs :slight_smile:

I certainly will support, ma’am.

Please PM or post somewhere that I can find when you do and how to buy it. I love love love that shirt.

Congrats on the HM, iLoop!

I AM SOO MAD that counter productive optimism isn’t up there among the other HM’s grrrrr. as one of the top 4, you’d think that it’d make it up there. wish it was up there cuz then i know it’d be chosen to be printed. have some taste wooters!!!1

You know it!

I’m definitely on this one. Or, actually…it will be on me. But you know what I’m saying, or trying to say, or something.

ummm…maybe I shouldn’t have drank all of the eggnog…does anyone hear that?

As will I. Promise. I made a Cameesa account today (had no idea what the site was all about until this evening, actually), and will be next in line to buy it there.

All the same, I, too, am shocked that a shirt that received this much support from the Woot community didn’t even receive an honorable mention. Kind of a big shame. But, yes, it’s good that this frees the design up for other venues. I just wish there was a chance of getting this shirt before summer, and it would have been nice to be able to do it through Woot.