Derby #74 (One Continuous Line): Honorable Mentions


Hmm… rule 62.c. no phoenixes… I could see it happening. There have certainly been a lot recently, and although the art has been good I agree it is a little old. I haven’t bought any of them though.

hah, no phoenixes? just let us know beforehand, thanks :slight_smile:

appreciate the hm, woot!

hopefully we can get that jimiyo owl shirt printed next do-over.

Yay artulo! Until that rule is instated, I will continue to enjoy your phoenixes.

Also, this thread is totally in the wrong forum. Good job, Toon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have been very sad if Art hadn’t gotten an HM this week. Totally deserved as well as Jimiyo, Travis and DeadFrog. Great job guys!

Some great choices. Artulo is the master at this style and he should have won it all. IMO.

Yes. Art’s entries blew everything else away. At first I was surprised the solitude entry wasn’t mentioned, but now I’m glad as that will free it up even earlier so I can (hopefully) buy it right up when it’s offered elsewhere.

And I’m sad to see Boots once again overlooked. That just ain’t right.

I’m kinda sad to see my favs get an HM this week, cuz given the lack of popularity of this derby, I just can’t see them coming to the top in a do over derby, and at best one will get an editors choice.

You do remember that they have traditionally picked four (or even eight!) designs for Editor’s Choice prints the week afterward. Never know what they’ll decide to sell.

This is true, but how many derbys will be in this one? Last time it was 16ish (depending on how you count the Derbylympics) and there were great shirts in all of those. The chances of getting two shirts in one derby and them being both the ones I want are pretty slim.

Oh well, Tgentrys at least will eventually make it to his storefront.

Please, please, please implement the no more phoenixes rule!

Congrats, everybody

^^That is horrific.

Please make one out of lines.

lawl. maybe I’ll do that! and sub it as a daily.

Welcome to the fog.

Aww shucks, I’m blushing like an ostrich in heat :slight_smile: