Derby #75 (Cabin Fever): Honorable Mentions


Ah the good stuff. Where the high artistic merit goes to die.

Wow. I can’t believe Polly got an HM. LOL!!! Thanks, woot. I don’t consider that one of my best, but thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

Congrats to all other HM artists as well.

Thanks for the HM. I am surprised. Congrats to the other HMs too. Lots of good ones there.

Thanks for the honorable mention! This was my first competition so that means a lot to me :slight_smile: But can someone tell me what a double-take derby is?

Once a quarter, there will be a derby that contains only HMs (plus a few random selections made by Woot.) So, you get a second chance to win. :slight_smile:

A lot of picks this time. Makes me wish I had entered. Oh wait, no, I enjoyed my lazy vacation. So congrats to all of you for not being as lazy as me! :wink:

So do you re-enter yourself or does Woot do it for you?

woot does it for you :slight_smile: and congrats to all the HMer’s!!

Congrats to all the HMs and thanks woot.

The best list of HM’s I’ve seen here. Great designs, all.

Congrats to all of you, and good luck with 2nd life!

I love this one! I’m sorry I missed it until now. It’ll definitely GMV in the do-over. :slight_smile:

Some great HM’s and awesome artists here. Really hope to see some of them see print (Drakxxx especially as he hasn’t had anything printed and I love this one), but there are so many good ones here!

Kind of sad, really :(.

Really? Drakxxx has never been printed? I find this really heartbreaking for some reason…

Not at woot at least. There are quite a few of those types around here!

You break my heart too, Artulo. And it’s not just from looking at your sorry-ass face :slight_smile:

(all kidding aside, it really crushed me to look at your shirt derby stats. I think I assumed that all my favorite designers MUST have been printed loads of times before I got here. Not so…)

Yea, almost every entry he puts in, I root for. And they rarely even make it to the fog. It’s like rooting for the Mets, except, ya know, Drakxxx has talent.

(I keeed Mets fans! I love your scrappy little team!)

Seriously, though, I’ve started following the derbies much less closely. It’s just too depressing. I don’t think the designs that win are all that bad or anything; it’s just that the designs that never make it, some of them, are just so amazing it makes me wonder what the voters are thinking.

If I had more money (and I were a gambling man) I’d be setting up some sort of gig for this sort of thing, just to print the HM designs that don’t make it through the double take derby - some of these are fantastic.

very happy with the HM’s. thanks, woot. here’s hoping at a chance to purchase some awesomeness.