Derby #76 (Beginning): Honorable Mention


What? 1928, a fantastic quality shirt that missed out on printing by one vote, doesn’t get a second chance?


Bah, I went out of my way to place it above a certain “area” so as to not appear as originating from said area. Oh well. :slight_smile:

Woot must really hate 1928…wow.

Woah, I didn’t realize how awesome tgentry’s shirt was. Glad it got an HM so I’ll have another chance to vote for it.

Boo-urns for not having 1928 make the cut. Bad Woot, very bad!

I took comfort in the second chance derby when 1928 lost… now I have to believe they are going to print it as an editors choice or something, right?

… right?

They don’t do editor’s choices from pictures that aren’t in the doubletake, I believe.

However, this means that he can put it on threadless or something much sooner. :slight_smile:

There is a slim slim slim chance 1928 might be included in a doubletake anyway… a handful of non-HMs seem to be included each time… but by and large it’s unlikely. Remember, woot is picking these, and while the HM pool this week is mostly unvotable, there are plenty of reasons woot might not want to print 1928… too artistic for the plebes? too much ink on a dark shirt? not a fan of mickey? 4th place guarantees nothing, and while to me it deserved a print over first or second, for the HMs it’s woot’s call. Though woot’s calls this week have started off preeetty iffy.

I really think this would fare better at Threadless, though. Their ink is lighter, so the print would be lighter, and their print quality is way higher. Not to mention their customer base is by and large more educated than woot’s, so it will be appreciated more for artistic value and subtleties. Here at woot, it seems we’ll just get more discount crap from Ramy and Co… ain’t no way tgentry’s will actually print given woot’s track record of Doubletake votes (and their recently questionable HM selections)

Honestly I’m not sure why people are so enamored of this mickey mouse design. It may be impeccably drawn, but it’s not especially creative and it’s covered with a massive wall of ink and a not so subtle Disney logo. I’ll bet it wouldn’t have sold out.

Booo. I wanted another shot at the platypus and crazy-haired bird lady.

But congrats go out to Patch & lucky. Enjoyed both of those as well.

in any case we have to wait 60 days, minimum. not too happy about that, but there’s not much I can do but moan. quite frankly, I’ve done that enough as of late, as well as the rest of the woot community. thanks for all the information, I don’t follow T-shirt sites as closely as you, and it’s good to know these things.

all I wanted was a shirt related to animation. I guess I have to design one for myself then.

I agree that it’s a massive wall of ink and probably wouldn’t have sold out, but I think it was quite creative and subtle.

Congrats to the HM winners. My favourites are speedcheetah’s, for the awesome shades of green and tgentry’s for pure flaming awesomeness.

And I think that the sheer lack of creative and subtle at this site is why people seem so upset. They’ll get over it, tho. They got over Calvinball and Neverland and plenty of others that were so important to wear right away at the time. Hell, I can’t even remember half of them anymore. And if it ever does print elsewhere, whether on Threadless or Spreadshirt, the artist will be lucky if 7 wooters go for it, let alone the 700+ that voted… “O my this is too expensive for my cheap woot blood”

So what if it wouldn’t have sold out? Look at the designs that have actually sold out over the last few weeks. There’s not that many. The shirt that printed over this didn’t even sell out.

Wall of ink, sure. But when something like Yay Broccoli prints when it was obvious from the design picture that it was going to be too damn dark, I’m not exactly confident in the fact that Wooters would care about a wall of ink.

As for creativity, that hasn’t mattered here in a long time, to be honest. There are artists that EMBODY creativity that rarely get prints. I don’t agree that it’s not creative.

Look, I agree, despite the wall of ink, that the art on this one was almost definitely the best in the derby and I REALLY hope the artist keeps submitting here. But, Adder, how was this 1928 shirt any more creative than the ninja turtles shirt you detest so much? Both show the actual stories of the creation of pop culture icons. At least the turtles weren’t anti-Semites.

Like Adder (I think) said, be happy cuz then it’ll go on somewhere else that much faster.

Dig at Yay Broccoli/Metal Thief, or just more of the general complaint about wooter taste? (I’m not being sarcastic I’m genuinely curious)

1928 captures an idea. it’s a representation of the moment an idea grabs you, and the inspiration that takes hold. I don’t imagine Walt Disney was ACTUALLY inspired by a mouse walking by a sketchpad while a couple coins sat in iconic mickey positioning. It’s all meant to build up to the spark of inspiration. I know it’s hard for a non-artistic-minded person to grasp the difference, but surely you can agree that if you saw the image without a title or explanation, you probably wouldn’t even notice the reference, at least not without looking deeper.

By comparison, the Turtle shirt is a very literal representation of their origin. four baby turtles and some “ooze”. There is no deeper level.

a little of both. Wooters aren’t spoiled for choice when it comes to artful, creative, or subtle. Those of us who enjoy those things were very likely pulling for the shirt in question, especially against the other two crapshoots currently sitting in the top 20. There is no shirt on the charts less creative than Turtles, even compared to Nevermore, and the Birth of the Moon is simply boring… it’s the shadow of art, all the form but none of the soul. Like listening to Dave Matthews. 1928 hits a much needed note of thoughtfulness and legitimate creation that is especially evident in contrast to things like the plagiarized duo you mention. People who look to woot hoping for something unique once in a while (hell, 365 days, you’d think it’d happen more often) likely latched onto the shirt as something that would provide them that difference.

And tgentry’s Revelations shirt is pretty true to the source. The difference is that the visual depictions of 1928 and tgentry’s shirts are both unique and original whereas the turtles is admitted by the designer to not be original in any way. 1928 and others were creative in execution and concept. Turtles was creative only in the sense that putting it on a shirt was creative…sort of.

Although I usually agree with you, this I have to disagree with you on. I saw Birth of the Moon, and it got my imagination flowing. I thought of space and I could see what seki drew happening in my mind’s eye. It caught me, first as good art, and second as a science-lover.
I don’t understand why you’re hating on it when as far as I can tell, it’s exactly what you wanted wooters to start voting for.
Now, I’m genuinely curious, not trying to hate on you or anything. I’d like some clarification. Whether you want to send me a PM or reply here, I don’t care, but I would like a more thorough explanation than “it’s the shadow of art”.