Derby #76: Beginning

What do you guys think of this one? I pulled it out and started working on it today, but I think it’s going to need a lot more work to get it presentable. Worth it, you think?

“She Let Them Go”

I think it is amazing. even as a rough drawing there is so much to look at.

Huh nothing is coming to mind right now, I will have to ponder for a while.

I wonder if many entries will be later than usual due to the fact some peoples’ brains got pickled last night! G

i like the design, especially the birds. not crazy about the girl, but i’d def. keep going down this road. i’d say that the top 60% of the design is great thus far.

ha, when I read the theme, I heard the booming voice of Optimus Prime in the opening of Transformers:

“Before time began…there was…the cube.”

I’m not crazy about her either, but I’m at a loss as to what to do with her. Blarg.

(and thanks, Onyx!)

Boots, what about an older women rather then a new one… this (as on now) has kind of an evil appearance. I would look for something a little nicer, letting her birds go… a new lease on life if you will.

I’d say, make her smile, but give her tears. and make her into a little girl.

I am working on an artsy stork drawing…I know it is not terribly original but I hope it turns out alight!

what about someone who has a blueprint next to him for a massive building, and he is in the process of laying the first brick? I wish I could draw!

One long nap later (It was a crazy night…) I have an interesting and challenging idea. After two weeks off, I’m glad to be back in the fray.

OR I could just obscure her face with huge goggles!

You know… I just did that out of frustration, but now I think I kind of like it. Yeah, I think I do.

I like the idea, colors, and composition, but do you think it might be stretching to fit the theme? The theme’s pretty broad though. Maybe it will work.

Quick question. I am playing around with my Wacom brushes and I noticed tat some of them look really neat but also appear to produce more than one color. Would these separate ‘shades’ that i see from a single brush be considered more than one point color?

I agree, it’s nice but it doesn’t say beginning to me like in the derby description. Hmm

I figured that releasing birds was the epitome of cheesy new beginning symbolism. No?

what about keeping the girl young, but sans the fly-eyes. for me, they detract from the birds.

what if she was happy or hopeful that the birds would have a better life without her? maybe even incorporate a little tear that she cries while she knows that what she is doing is for the best…

See here’s the problem. I KNOW that your idea is really good and it’s much much better than the goggles… but I LIKE the goggles. I know that I’m probably the only one who will, but enh… it’s not like I ever win these derbies anyway, right? :slight_smile:

(P.S. Thanks for helping. I really appreciate it and I know I’m being dumb going with the goggles. Thank you for trying to be the voice of reason!)

i sketched out this idea for a father and son paramecium. the little fella is off for his first day of school and essentially the beginning of his education and the decisions that could shape the rest of his life. let me know what you think:

titles in the works: “don’t forget your books” or “first day of school” or “they grow up so fast”

i think i’d like it a lot more when you finish with the face. :smiley: right now, she looks kinda scary with just the goggles and no mouth.