Derby #77: Alternate History


Oooh. Very interesting.

woohoo…finally. I was getting worried there would be no derby this week. Cool theme…this could go anywhere.

At last!

Does this mean all things must be historical and not just wild fictional “what if”?

Because I have a Cthulhu in the works and he could easily have eaten W in '04 for the presidency.

Sorry for the delay guys. I was creating anticipation.

Did you see me shiver with antici…


+10 for successful application of the Frankenfurter.

It worked! Rampant speculation was fun. Glad to see you guys are still alive at CES.

Hmm… alternate histories… dunno what I can come up with that is suitably cartoony. Sounds like a photochop contest.

Only if you’re a sweet transvestite…

Admit it, you guys were out of ideas and waiting for the Woot(!) faithful to mention something off-hand :slight_smile:

Sounds plausible to me… whose to say what would have happened if something else climbed out of the primordial soup first?

No wonder there’s ketchup everywhere.

I wonder what modern art would be without my main man Duchamp… hmmm.

I forsee a lot of steampunk… :smiley:

Okay, but if it gets rejectionated I’m blaming you.


I’d not be at all surprised.

starts another idea

Celebrity likenesses do get rejected, though, so make sure it doesn’t look too much like Bush. lol

No problem.
I expect to have had him consumed past the collarbone anyway.

Maybe I need a less gory idea.