Derby #77: Alternate History

hmm… reminds me of the blackadder movie and red alert series.

This has tons of possibilities… none of which stand out in my mind… oh wait!

I could… nope, still got nothing.

I’m having the opposite problem… so many ideas… so difficult to execute… well

Here’s my rough idea… but I’m thinking it’s something no one would get unless they’ve seen a Betamax tape…

If Betamax won, would we have Blubeta and HD-BetaMax?

Ooo, I’ll have to think about this. Nice theme!

Figure since I’ve been away so long I might as well step it up a bit.

You rang?

Actually i was referring to the show with rowan atkinson and hugh laurie. :slight_smile:

Okay…so first thing that popped into my head was a reverse Rosa Parks situation. African Americans crowding a bus with a very determined upper class white male refusing to give up his seat? Made me laugh and feel a teeny bit racist. Like?

So incidental text means that when I draw Marie Antoinette I can have her saying “Let them eat cake” or no?

Interesting theme… no ideas spring to my mind, which is just as well. My winter semester is shaping up to be the toughest I’ve had yet. =\

I am pretty sure that would not be incidental. Something like a ship with Mayflower written on the side would be more like incidental text.

I thought the point was that it can’t be a slogan shirt- I feel that speech is fine, since it’s mainly about the image still? I’m obviously not sure though

Incidental text allowed, but no slogan shirts. We’re calling this the Stop Sign Rule. If you need a bit of text here or there to make your design work, that’s OK. You can show somebody reading a newspaper, or the digits on a gas pump, or a label on a package. But if text is the primary focus of your design, it will get the axe. Again, we’ll make these decisions on a shirt-by-shirt basis, so err on the side of caution.

Woot(!) has rejected speech text on ‘incidental text’ shirts before.

…or not Rejected them

They have also printed speech text on ‘incidental text’ shirts before…

This is definitely one of those times when it could go either way. If some whiner creates a big stink, you may get rejected; but if no one complains you may slip by unnoticed.

-Added original wording of ‘Incidental text rule’.
-Added Examples

I don’t know about it. I think there were plenty of complaints on dsladek’s design, which got through.

Since the most recent case ended in rejection, I would avoid speech text.

Edit: actually, I’m not sure what the most recent case was. Avoid it anyways. XP

Just kiddin

I think the deal breaker is whether the shirt makes sense without the text… if you can remove it without destroying the concept, remove it… I believe dsladek’s was the LARPing shirt right? In that case the speech bubble was the punch line. Without it not nearly as funny.

But if removing it takes away from the shirt (as in the LARPing design), then it’s not incidental, is it? It’s integral. Just chalk it up to woot inconsistencies.

heh. Should make it a bananna :wink:

How about women rulers instead of men. Has anybody mentioned that?

And also I hope somebody here skips Elvis. The clothes were tolerable, but the hair was just too much. Sorry, bud.