Derby #78 (Winter): Honorable Mentions


Yay, glad to see tgentry’s snowflake here! :slight_smile:

Hurray! Crystalize isn’t on there so the artist can post it elsewhere sooner! Decent selections overall.

Speaking of hot cocoa, skirochester’s design was my favorite, and I wish it had gotten a nod here.

I did love that one too.
Congrats on the HM’s all. A lot of good ones!

thanks for the nod woot :slight_smile: and congrats to the other HM’ers.

Yay Blammoed! :open_mouth: I love that shirt~~~~ congratulations to all the HMs. :slight_smile:

great HM’s, I’m glad to see the Stag, I loved that one :slight_smile:

i loved the stag as well! there are definitely a few great ones up there - here’s hoping to see them for sale at some point! :slight_smile:

Ahem. They were “vitamins”.

Thanks to woot for the HM and thanks to everyone else for supporting the stag. =D

Thanks for the nomination woot! :slight_smile:

Wow, Crystalize got the shaft! Why didn’t it get a honorable mention? It was the most different of any of these or the printed shirts. Shame @ shirt.woot.

Psst…most different doesn’t and shouldn’t=win.

There are shirts that aren’t as abstract that deserved it a bit more than Crystallize.

Oh SWEET! My first HM! :smiley: I’m really glad to see marzipan’s, toe’s and edgar’s designs in there too… they were complete favorites. Congratulations to all! :happy:

Perhaps not your thing, fair enough. But this shirt came in 7th place! And it is one of the most wearable shirts from this derby, in and out of the winter season.

Sorry, but I didn’t see anything innovative or interesting about it. It just looks like a photo filter on top of some haphazardly-arranged blue lines. (No offense to the artist.) Where an image places is irrelevant; you don’t see me whining.

I do find it amusing that there are so many yeti HMs. :slight_smile:

I love that stag, too~

Interesting how strong people’s feelings are against non-cartoon shirts. Is variety that uninteresting?

Uh, it’s not a question of variety.
It wasn’t well-executed, nor was it particularly interesting. Cartoony shirts get a lot of heat too, get over it. I prefer to withhold negative statements about shirts because people get so anally defensive about them; also, I don’t like discouraging/annoying other artists.

I just didn’t care for it, so suck it up.
edit: secondly, I lack any kind of strong sentiment towards it. It was just… ho hum to me and didn’t catch my interest.

First, deep breath. Not sure why you are so up at arms. I’m simply still trying to figure out how shirt.woot works and what designs are prevalent. I’ve only been around for about two months. Everything I have seen points to cartoons and stick people being the designs of choice.

Perhaps that is just the current taste of the season, I wouldn’t know as I haven’t been here long enough. But if you don’t like this particular shirt, who really cares? Why such a need to be so defensive about your point of view when clearly I directed everything I said at the website’s choice of these honorable mentions? Did you pick these honorable mentions?

Oh well, I still like it.

I’ve been following this site closely since about August. There basically are flavors of the month and right now it’s cartoons/anime and the occasional stick figure.

I didn’t mean to go off on you or anything. I just found it interesting because cartoony is a rather large umbrella. For example, BootsBoots shirts could technically be called cartoony, but the style is HIGHLY unique and the designs are always quirky and wearable. Same goes for a lot of other designers that use “cartoons.”