Derby #78 (Winter): Honorable Mentions

That’s fine, I just don’t think it’s appropriate to say a design deserves an HM just because it placed highly.
I apologize if I was snippy, I tend to get that way when people throw the words “variety” and “different” around. I just haven’t seen anything recently that struck me as exceptional (cartoon or not). :o

Sorry again! didn’t mean to come across as a complete jerk.

To wooters, yes. Which is why I’m shocked a bunch of boring lines didn’t get a win, let alone an HM. Because it’s definitely bad enough that a wooter would vote for it.

Good choices for the HM on this derby.

This comment amuses me. It may stay.

Oh, and congrats to all HM’ers!


I hope nobody will mind if I give my own personal honorable mention to Asymmetrical Warfare. It’s too bad inspiration didn’t strike the artist a little sooner as I think it would’ve fared better in the vote. Anyway, I personally liked this design a lot and hope lokklyn will submit more designs.

and I don’t care if anyone thinks less of me because it is too cartoony, I still like it anyway, heheehehe