Derby #82 (Individualism): Honorable Mentions


Woah, wasn’t expecting that. Thanks woot!

Wow. Some odd selections for HM this week.

Only 2 of them broke 100 votes.

Ansharp was robbed. How could you not even consider the strongest entry of the week?

Thanks, Jaden, but it’s okay. I probably would have declined it, anyway, so I could take the design to DBH sooner. Maybe they are mind readers. :slight_smile:

did you see the crap that DID break 100 votes?

Though I must echo the shame of Paisley not making it

Yeah, it was quite a surprise for me as well! Its nice to know that a shirt can be recognized even if it doesn’t get an insane amount of votes! Thanks woot!!!

Three cheers for “On the Air of Distinction”!

Agreed. Congrats on the nod, crunchybitesized. I really enjoyed your entry last week.

I’m cheering for Dekon’s! Yay!

Oh. And “Indivisible”: Yay (again!)

Congrats to all the HM’s.

thanks woot. i was a bit miffed about my votes for this derby, but i am happy that you enjoyed my entry! :slight_smile: