Derby #84 CyberPub: We Can Make it Stronger

Please tell me if this is a good idea or a not so good (ie- won’t win) idea… I don’t want to work hard on something that’ll get 20 votes…


prof. tek, i like it, which means it’ll get about 20 votes.

in the current designing environment, perhaps something cuter…?

Yeah, maybe I should do a cute widdo bunny wearing scuba gear outside a carrot submarine…

penguins and baby seals.

I like it.
I don’t know if it do well or not.
Just do a good job and forget about the votes.

If you want to appeal to voters, make the other fish more adorably surprised. If you want to appeal to me, continue down the vein you are in.

ms. spryte posted a link to this cyberpub in the derby thread. she must still be out there… watching…

//ominous music

Well, I just can’t make it cute. Though it may be funnier if a cute fish pulls a gun on a big mean fish. But I need to make the big fish look more surprised, and the little one look more annoyed…

Here’s the bunny sub idea… just a sketched idea… I intend to make the green top of the carrot into a propeller instead of the one on the bottom, but I can’t think of some reason why the bunny is out there… ideas?

I’m thinking about making a nannerpus design. Oh how I love nannerpus.

Hah! Yeah, that’d definitely do well. And peeve off all the “oh god no octopi” folks on the Derby blog…

I had no intention of reading that other thread until you said something. Now I feel like I must make nannerpus!

Just need to get the computer working correctly… and find some time. In laws are coming to town this weekend. This means either less time, or more, depending on the circumstances.

Tell me about it. I got tons of work to do, and I’m dinking on several silly designs.

Could someone please tell me where I can find a list of the available shirt colors and those nifty little mockup shirts?

The shirt colors are on the t-shirt template provided by woot. The t-templates are all in threads on world of woot shirts.

Woot template can be found here

I made one based on a woot tshirt you can find here

the “real tees” template is here

There are a few more floating around and are linked on the unofficial rules thread.

Yeah, many people use Cho’s t-shirt template (not sure where it is now).

Working on design…

Right Here

Here are the comps. Comments?

For starters, they don’t match. ^_~

Don’t match? I’m confused… All I did was clip out the shirt comp portion and resize… should be the exact same image as the large one.

I don’t see a difference either.

here’s mine- just finished.