Derby #84: The Sea

A call for originality? O.O

I fully expect to see a shirt done in the new popular style of a pirate fighting an Octopus with Crashing waves hitting both.

Originality… great, just when I figured out how to get ahead again.

Cool! Very encouraging. :slight_smile:

YAY!!! another water theme!!! ::relaxes only slightly:: and you’ll be monitoring. Great. Stick to what you say this time. And don’t just allow every screwed up shirt that is only on theme because it has a sea animal on it.

I thank you.

Woot seems to associate artistic with waves.

Regardless, I am very curious to see how strict they are going to be with rejections, because there’s no way people are going to be able to resist doing pirate entries this week.

Well, should be fun :slight_smile: I like this theme

This has potential at least. Not that I have any faith in the derby.

Why not just ban pirates, squids and crashing waves outright?!? Please?


I’m half expecting woot to do this secretly and just reject every pirate, squid and crashing wave entry with a big “I told you so”

I dont have much yet other than maybe doing a take on the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.

Great theme. I like the strict anti-recycling rule. It’s a shame that whales vs. squids are already overdone. Still…

Wow, I hope they are strikt about this one. I want to see tons of octo shirt in the reject pile.

They won’t…

Because someone will actually be able to use one of those items in such a unique way, that it will be allowed to go forward and the rest will get cut and people will feel slighted.

ding, ding We have a winner!

let’s hope that’s the case this week… for me, anyway. :wink:

I made this design a while back, but never subbed it here:

I never felt like it was finished. Any thoughts? Worth submitting?

Unless they flat out say they’re banning octopi/squid, pirates, or crashing waves I don’t really see a lot of rejecting and one or more of those will probably still win. I hope they’ll come back and officially ban certain subjects. It would save them the hassle of dealing with complaints and gray areas to just be able to point to the official, clearly worded text saying NO.

Oh! I know! The PETA in me just hollared: Sea kittens!

Anyone doing seakittens after this point is just copying my idea! So there!