Derby #85 (Circus!): Honorable Mentions


wow, no HM for 4th?

Hah, I love seeing those last two together.

I liked these better then the actual winners…

Holy crap, HMs posted on time??

has a heart attack

Thanks Woot!

Much appreciated! I’m actually looking forward to having a couple decent entries for the next do-over derby. My last do-over was a bit depressing.

Nice, I got one in here, thanks

In my opinion, one of the best designs of the derby isn’t even here: Sokowa’s Deep In the Forest.

Thanks for the HM! =D

And for the proper credit this time. XD

No Boots? Both of hers were so awesome though… growls

Wow… a lot of these are excellent runners up! I especially liked the “Fight Fire” submission (as well as your Blake reference!) and the “Circus City” submission. I’d definitely wear either one.