Derby #95 (Pointillism): Honorable Mentions


They need to add an also ran mention someday. That way I have a chance too!!

Congrats, a lot of really good shirts this week.

Wow, thanks Woot! It really is an honor!
Oh, and Jason, I’ll remember this! >:^(
…Bob Ross…mutter…woot writers…talented hackery…Toon…mutter, grr, Slydon? nobody but…Toon…angry BIRCH trees, not happy pine trees.

Congratulations, everybody given a second life! Personally I’m particularly glad the rhino and macaw made it through.

Thanks, woot overlords!

Oh, and lol @ Bob Ross…snort !!!

heh. nice job, by the way.
I’ll get Jason, wait and see.

Awesome Loopy and Art!!!.. Radscoolian, congrats as well, although I STILL THINK they should have HM’d your rejected version. It made much more sense.

Congrats to all. Lots of great HMs this time around, and there’s hope I’ll still get to see some of my faves from this derby print!

glad to see Origin of a Species get the HM. although, i was actually hoping Salt & Pepper would escape the HM and get into another contest in its original form.

Good choices! Especially love Loops.