Derby Candidates In Dead-Heat Shocker!




That’s awesome.

I’m smelling a 2-fer.


I still think think mutant-combo is the way to go.


Uh…do they know that both shirts aren’t completely original? What’s to ponder? Third place should take it.


third place! these both are sub-par…
whatever…I’m just can’t wait to see what next week brings hopes for better shirts


I with clock

make it a 2 4 1 and double the availablity


To break the tie they might go with the entry that was submitted first. But they might also go with the latter entry as it received just as many votes–but did so in less time.


I love that. Unprecedented in the one preceding week of Derby history. Heh. It’s like reading articles on sporting “accomplishments” that have not been matched “since 2006.”


:stuck_out_tongue: totally agree


IMHO, “Snowmen…” is completely original as far as the design. It very strongly resembles BW’s snowmen in many ways, but the design is unique. You could argue that many of the designs are not ‘original’ if you google search for similar imagery.

One could argue that “Fire Swallower” isn’t orginal because it bears resemblance to phoenix imagery like this:

(credit to the artist)




At least the bird one is done in a different style. It would be one thing if the ideas were similar, but looked totally different. The Snowman entry is not only the same type of idea as the Bill W. snowmen, it’s done in an almost identical style too. Just my 2 cents. I’ll shut up now and start working on my Ziggy entry for the upcoming contest.


that snowman is swimming, not melting & pulling down his friend. :c)


And yet they’re in almost the same exact pose, drawn in the same exact style. Of course there is only one way to draw a snowman, as everyone who did a snowman entry this week proved. Oh wait…


QFT ezzactly


It seems to me that the “Unhappy Meeting” design is pretty much a complete knock off of the above image. Whether or not that means its a breach of copyright or whatever, I wouldn’t know. As for the “Snowmen…” shirt, the tragic snowmen style never technically belonged to BW so I don’t see any reason the design couldn’t be picked.

Although I’d be happier if both top designs were disqualified and “Fire Swallower” won =P


Wow you must really need the prize money. To be this bitter about taking 3rd. I thought the campaigning was over.


So if I put a cat eating lasagna and complaining about mondays on a t-shirt, would anyone here have a problem with that?

And I’m not even entered in this weeks contest. I’m definitely going to be in the next one though. Preparing my Marmaduke tracing now.


Woot masters what’s it gonna be…


Honestly, I wouldn’t.