Derby Contest #675 Preview: Halloween!

[u]Derby Contest #675 Preview: All Hallows’ Sleeve! -[/u]
Don’t look now, but Derby #675: All Hallows Sleeve is lurking just out of sight, hungry and waiting to sink its fangs into all of your spooky, twisted, dark, and kooky designs.

Beware! This derby will be unleashed on Sept. 27th, so ready your best Halloween entries. But prepare well, my friends. For when the All Hallows’ Sleeve Derby rises from the shadows, none but the strongest will survive.

No Cream tees, no Glow-in-the-Dark, and no “Nightmare Before Christmas” or “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” designs.

If “Boos” make you snooze, feel free to submit your fear-free designs through the standard submission portal.

I predict plenty of black cats. =^.^=

(Speaking of which, any reason why The Black Cat is out of print?)




Cat in a Pointy Hat](

Animated shirts… I hope to live long enough to see it become a thing.

LCD panels.

I’ll probably still prefer the “old way”, though.


As one of those 0%-ers who still uses a Windows Phone - what are apps?

Back to the topic; as with last year, it’s probably unlikely we’ll see Diana’s Halloween cat here this year.

Apps… you get them before your meal at tgifridays. Aww, about the cats.


It’ll be more probable that her cats show up at her current workplace (that has a turtle for a mascot).

That would make sense.

Hallowoot! Glow or no?

Good catch, @spirirtgreen. No glow-in-the-dark deigns in the Derby this year. I’ve updated the derby preview accordingly.

HOWEVER, if you have a glow design (of any kind, not just Halloween designs), we ARE accepting them for a limited time through our standard submission portal. Thanks!


jk jk

Just hoping for a reprint of glow-in-the-dark snoopy from last year and a heads up from Ben about when the glow in the dark shirts will be available. I would love to get a couple of the designs before they sell out this year.

IT would be nice, if they could open up ALL glow in the dark t-shirts for the month of October, not just a dozen or so.

Yes! There are many in the catalog that were from before my time at woot and I would love an opportunity to buy some of them.

Here was one of mine from way back… I was really proud of it.

that is amazing