Derby Contest #676: Harvest Time

[u]Derby Contest #676 Preview: Harvest Time! -[/u]

Ahhh Fall…A time of gathering and feasting. We’re reaping the fruitage of a long year’s labor and celebrating with Equinox festivities under a full moon and our bounty of tees! Show us what harvest means to you but let’s go easy on the pumpkins.

To make things a little more interesting and get your creative muscles flexing, no text and no Halloween! Also, hold your Thanksgiving themed tees from this contest and submit through our regular submission process.

Not into the harvest moon party? Submit your designs through the standard submission portal.

No text again? Yuck.


Would a question mark to symbolize confusion be considered text for this derby?

That’s been the rule. Basically any symbols you would use in writing (in any language). If it’s on a keyboard, don’t use it.

What say you, Woot staff? A cornucopia is technically a harvesty thing, but is that going to be too close to Thanksgiving? It would be going in a decidedly un-Thanksgiving direction.

The cornucopia predates Thanksgiving, so it should be cool unless it’s carried by a vampire bat or a turkey dressed as a pilgrim. :^)

So a vampire bat carrying a turkey’s okay? GREAT!

Lol - I’m going for a 'Murica / Fast Food theme. A modern-day harvest, if you will.

This is a tricky week, IMHO. NOT halloween, NOT thanksgiving, NOT really fall, just harvest… hmm.

NOT ACCUSING you of anything. Want to make sure that’s clear, but thought it was interesting seeing this comment and also your sci fi derby entry. Great minds.

Made both of these about 8 years ago:

Stuffed @ Threadless

Alien Operation @ 604 Republic (they’re out of business now)

Wow! Thanks for the heads up. I do google my ideas before drawing them to make sure they haven’t been done, but I hadn’t seen either of these. My cornucopia wouldn’t be enough different from that, just some red, white, and blue smacked on, so I’ll steer clear of that one. Thankfully I’d worked on my other two designs first, so not much time lost.

Care to make sure you haven’t already drawn these ideas too? LMAO!

LOL, I think you and @ste7enl may have been separated at birth :sweat_smile:

Loool. I literally can’t even, as they say.

That’s hilarious.
Like for real.

Hahahahah, I give up. Well at least I know I’m in good company, right?

Low hanging fruit…

No, seriously. I find that when I am thinking of shirt designs I just start to list everything that comes to mind… NO BAD IDEAS. I do this for a couple days. Then I go through the list and mark out all the “WTF,” “I can’t draw that,” and “Okay, that’s too obvious.” Then I google the designs that I have left, I search for them in general and with the word “shirt” in the search. I try to be creative in my search terms as to not miss anything obvious.

Once I have done ALL THAT, I see what is left, usually my list has grown, not shrunk because I will get more inspired as I am actively chewing on my options.

Then I pick 2 or 3. I start to sketch these out for layout purposes. Once I feel good about at least one, then I start.

This helps to avoid ALL THAT.

I’m just happy you think I’m good company.

Hi Guys! I really do apologize for not answering you sooner, but we decided for this one to allow punctuation but not text - this is clarified as the new Derby launched.

Cornucopias are fair game! Definitely not strictly Thanksgiving.