Derby Cyberpub #105: It Takes Two


Da Rulez
We’re two years old now, and it was almost exactly two years ago that we launched Derby #1: One. Now take that theme and double it. Explore two in all its binary, dual, double-sided, two-faced, stereo twoness. The song says it can be as bad as one, but we’re hoping it’s a lot better. To be clear, we’re not looking for a shirt about our second anniversary - we want to see what you can do with two.

No text except the number 2, the word “two” (or “dos” or “deux”, etc.), the Roman numeral II, or “two” as epxressed in other numerical systems.


I call dibs on Helium…


I call dibs on posting in this thread! Sheesh…


hahaha… I always forget about this thread, and then the time I remember it’s a skektek solo thread;)


Yep. First Superspryte forsake us, then everyone forsake me. :frowning:

I’m gonna go now…