Derby CyberPub #111- Blue (noun) problem

Derby #111 (7 in binary)

Are we talking about the color of light with wavelengths of roughly 440–490 nanometers? A feeling of sadness or melancholy? The musical style that originated among African-Americans in the rural South during the early 20th century? The French national soccer team? Yes, all of it and more. Any shade of meaning of the word “blue” you desire is fair game this week. And whether you interpret the word “blue” in the subject matter, or make your design a study in the color blue, is up to you. But pay attention, because:

Your design must appear on a Baby Blue, Royal Blue, or Navy Blue shirt. You may use any ink colors you like as long as the shirt is one of these three colors.

No text.

if the shirt is blue, does that automagically make it a study in blue, so that all subject matter is fair game?

Woot, why must you do this to me?
This theme sounds promising, which means I’ll be even more disappointed when some crap whens instead of a beautiful design that I actually want.

It’s a vicious cycle. :frowning:

Such is the shirt.woot culture. I have an idea, but I fear it is too similar to some already famous artwork. . . working on tweaking it in my head. No promises on actually doing it though. . . tomorrow I won’t be getting to work at my normal time, so no free time in the afternoon.

Still I look forward to seeing some interesting studies of blue.

blue… ? … i got nuttin’.

I can make you a deal. I’ll submit a beautiful design that will win. How about that?

Of course, nobody has creativity as Kenney
Of course, nobody is as good a mom as KtC
Of course, nobody has an eye for detail as Josephus
Of course, nobody is as integrated as Jasneko
Of course, nobody is like no1

I will add to this as I remember Pub visitors :wink:

Yes, but expect a bunch of random “off topic” rejections because woot has a hair up their a**


I love it when someone edits another post just to put themselves down. Niiiiiiiice.

Should I delete him…ummm, I mean the post?

hey, froggy’s got da blues.

just a rough draft, in progress. suggestions? thoughts?

note: yes, the cufflinks are flies.

No. It is so typical no1. We <3 him because of it. :slight_smile:

Right now the harmonica looks like a sandwich.

Looks good so far… I like the cufflink idea.

Here’s what I’ve done… I’m thinking to call it Blueberry Swirl or Blueberry Splash…
any thoughts/suggestions/feedback? Thanks!

I like the idea. A lot. But it’s gonna be a lot of work… good luck! EDIT: Jos, remember my fly design from a long time ago? Insect derby I think? I could lend you my fly Illustrator file if you want him.

@Jas Nifty- I like the blueberry… what are they, tops? Good abstract design.

Here’s mine: Even a Frozen Heart can Burn

I like it skek. Though I partly feel like perhaps it should be higher? Both to mimick where the heart is, and because the heart in the square somewhat looks like a pocket, and a pocket with flames coming out is kind of cool!

I’m unfortunately limited by the top edge of the design space. Erk. I could theoretically push up the cube itself into the flame to raise it up…

EDIT: And make the cube much bigger like a pocket… hmm… idea!

Or “melting a cold heart” or “warming a cold heart”

Yeah, the title needs work. It’s completely unrelated, but the original concept was based on something I saw in chemistry a long time ago- a block of frozen methane on fire. Kinda looked like a snowball with a flame.