Derby CyberPub #136: T-shirts your dad wore

This shirt is old and faded
All the color’s washed away
I’ve had it now for more damn years
Than I can count anyway
I wear it beneath my jacket
With the collar turned up high
So old I should replace it
But I’m not about to try

This shirt’s got silver buttons
And a place upon the sleeve
Where I used to set my heart up
Right there anyone could see
This shirt is the one I wore to every boring high school dance
Where the boys ignored the girls
And we all pretended to like the band

It took me a while to get a good sketch I could vintage. Here’s what I came up with- an ode to '80s fashion and Nagel without pandering to Nagel. I still need to slightly distress the design, but I’m thinking just some cracks in the white ink should do it rather than lots of splots of wear.

It looks good Skek… one thought is, distressing the face might look like wrinkles depending on the distress texture you use. So either choose the distress type carefully or maybe only distress the blue stripes and text?

Here’s what I’ve done… any thoughts? Does it look complete?

Nifty! Actually evokes Curious George. Maybe done down the colors a bit and use the same font as George?

Yeah, the distressing would be one or two lines vertically, as if the ink has cracked. Hopefully small enough that it doesn’t look unattractive- more like someone pulled the design and it cracked once or twice.

Ohh good ol george! I wonder where I’d find that font…actually originally I had a cursive version.
I’ve actually been wondering…do you know the laws/rules for fonts? In using them for commercial work like this? That font up there is a font I half made from another font, just to be safe, but it seems like a lot of people use fonts straight out…

The colors seem too bold?

Oh, and here’s the cursive version…

Hi Jas,

Actually I love the font as it is.

Colors are fine now that I had a night to sleep on it. Bold is nice.

Fonts usually are free game unless they’re obviously a specific copyrighted font. At least, I’ve never seen someone’s shirt get challenged due to using a font specifically, though the slogan derby it was probably on their minds and might have resulted in rejections. As long as you’re not marketing the font itself, I assume limited use on a shirt is fair use.

But I’m not a copyright lolyer.

Updated my shirt since someone said the ears were too high. Decided NOT to distress the shirt since it looked ugly. I am hoping simple context of retro is enough.

Skek, every time I see your design, I get the song stuck in my head for a little while. Good thing I like Robert Palmer. LOL

Sorry :slight_smile: I’ve been on a retro pop '80’s kick lately…

80’s music is my favorite, so no complaints from me. :smiley:

Hey Skek - glad the bold colors grew on you. The second version has a cursive font though (the first an all caps print)… which one do you love?

I think the choice not to distress could be good… it’s not totally necessary in every case.

I dunno. I like the cursive, but at the end of the day it shouldn’t matter. Go with your gut. Voted for your owl, which kicked it into the fog (11 votes apparently)

Also, My shirt is up, but I expect that it won’t do well. Seems a lot of shirts look like the types of shirts you can buy at WalMart (fake '70s disco type yellows with lots of brown and orange ink), and they’re wildly popular.

I think mine is pretty close to the actual shirts of the '80s though… I did my best.

Oops… just submitted the print (which isn’t getting too many votes so far). I was unsure about the cursive because I hand did it so wasn’t sure just how hand drawn it looked.
I spent a loooooooong time on that seal, trying to get a shaded look with texturing, oy.

Thanks for the kick!:smiley:

I actually thought of doing a brown and orange type one myself, but then figured they’re available elsewhere.

Your shirt does look very 80s!:slight_smile:

Oh, belated congrats for your interview on best losers! Great to see you get some press!

Thanks Skek!:slight_smile:
Hopefully I didn’t talk too much in it!

It was all good stuff. Glad you finally won too. It’s been a few derbies since I pulled down a print. 110 or so…

I shoulda looked at this thread earlier. I suppose I could’ve subbed something with the go-go dancers from my food pyramid shirt from way back in the dark ages of the derby.

Good stuff guys!