Derby CyberPub #138: Madness... takes it's toll.

Riff Raff:
It’s astounding
Time is… fleeting
Madness… takes its toll.
But listen closely…
Magenta: Not for very much longer!
Riff Raff: Ive got to… keep control…

Up next… Derby #138: Madness

Insanity gets sort of romanticized as the ultimate creative force in movies and television today, but there’s more than a slight difference between the savant with poor manners and the guy talking to his deity of choice via his Alphabits. So for this derby show us madness: the voices in someone’s head, the swirl of hallucinated hecklers following your every move, or…something else. Yeah, you could draw a lonely-looking guy in a straight-jacket, but we’d rather see you conceptualize actual madness. That’s high-brow, right? Finally, no one will have any reason to complain in the comments! Of course, even the criminally insane have their limits, and that means:

No Video Game references.
No bunnies.
No text.

And in case you’re inspired by the March variety, keep in mind our omnipresent rule about no copyrighted images.

Too bad Goodnight Moon is copyright. I had a good dodgeball winner that would be sweet on a shirt.

I have no idea what I’ll do for this derby. Personally thinking of taking random elements from my shirts over the years and integrating them together into a chaotic image.

indeed, this image shows up.

Hi cyberpub…
I’m thinking of submitting a resub on a different color of my current design:

Possibly asphalt or heather grey. Any thoughts?

I like the asphalt

Thanks Kt! Do you think the asphalt is an improvement over the grass green one submitted? Wondering if I should do it too…

aside from the obvious of the white face standing out more. . . I think it’s just subtly bolder and stands out better.

Ok nice, thanks… that’s what someone offline thought as well… perhaps I’ll submit that. If I haven’t yet and anyone else has an opinion, feel free to pipe in!

Ok, I tried some different colors with the asphalt… any more thoughts?

Submitted it!

Good looking shirt! Wish I had an idea, or time.

Wow. Sulu is hawking Sharp Televisions now!

Thanks Skek! Hope things get less busy for you.

Awww I love Sulu. I saw him speak at a college I was visiting a while ago… back then, his passion wasn’t Sharp Televisions, but public transportation, which is what he spoke about. I bought his autobiography and he signed it and chatted with me…it was quite a thrill at that time! hehe.

Tell me about it! Watched hulu a bunch yesterday and that was the most played commercial by far!

I met him about 20 years ago. Most positive, happy man I’ve ever met.

Both sound like very cool experiences.

Very much so. Only Star Trek TOS person I haven’t met is Nimoy. Shatner was a hoot. As he was talking to me in an autograph line, he was staring at, uhm, the woman’s assets next to me the entire time.

LOL. Nimoy was at Emerald City Comicon, but we just couldn’t go this year. My friend went and really wants us to go next year.

Seattle. Nice. I’m trying to go to the National AFT convention in July in Seattle. Dunno if I’ll get elected though.

If we can manage a long weekend I want to take my kids to the aquarium.

We’ve got a real cool aquarium just 15 minutes away. But it’s expensive.