Derby CyberPub #141: Drawn Together

Derby #141: Classic Comics Style

Ah, the Golden and Silver Ages of comics, from the birth of the form up through the 1960s, when comics were still fledgling and new. Heroes battled monsters from space instead of their own inner demons, “sorcery” had yet to be replaced by “genetic mutation,” and Jean Grey had only died, like, five times. Take us back to the good ol’ days with a design in the style of comics, comic books, or even cartoons back then: think fat half-tones, huge bold outlines, and flat colors. Don’t worry about telling a cohesive story or coming up with panels; just give us a scene in that grand old scheme. Think more “Action Comics #1” and less “Family Circus.” Of course, this should be a loving homage, not a recreation, so keep in mind that no copyrighted imagery is allowed. Some other rules still apply:

No text, other than onomatopoeia. “BIFF!” or “POW!” or “THWUCK!” are totally cool. “Stand aside, citizen, while I use my telepathic powers to subdue the interloper!” is not.

No video game references.

No bunnies. Seriously. Maybe forever.

No anime/chibi/kawaii/graphic novel/computer-generated/painted-looking images. It’s gotta look legitimately classic enough to make Stan Lee want to take credit for it.

THWUCK is now my WOTD.

It’s almost as good as kerfuffle.

It IS A fun word, yes?

Now me gonna be saying kerfuffle too. Tanks.

Who’s the blond dude with the big…the blond dude?

Xandir. And he’s not exactly…straight. XD

Figures. Wait. Thought this was supposed to be like back in the '60s. There were no “not exactly…straight” comics that are remembered.

Drawn Together isn’t just about comics. That particular character is actually a parody of a video game character.

Ah. Thank you.

I did attempt this derby, though I felt a bit out of my element. Here they are, in case you missed the other thread. Thanks!


Monkeyyy versusss Robbbooott!

Nice Jas, making the theme fit your style. I have no ideas that I can submit unless some random idea hits me.

I had an idea, but I just cannot cartoon in that style.


This might get rejected since it styles after a more modern artist, Jhonen Vasquez, but I love it.

something My daughter Laura and i put together.