Derby CyberPub #142: Book 'em Dan-O

Derby #142: Classic Literature Mashup

Sophocles. Thoreau. Verne. In honor of National Library Week, we’re calling for scenes, themes, and characters from classical (and public domain) literature to get all cozy. Mash up your favorite works and show us what it’d be like if Sherlock Holmes was captured by Polyphemus. Hopefully you’ve got something better than that. If you’re not sure what constitutes public domain (and is therefore something we can print), start your research here. Obviously the usual no copyrighted material rules apply, but also bear in mind the following helpful tips:

We need to know what you’re mashing up. Title your work as “ClassicWork/ClassicWork.” If you’ve got a title too long to fit, post the works immediately in the thread so we have some reference and can verify.
No video games. Maybe in 70 years the Halo novellas will be classics, but right now they’re not.

[b]No Star Wars.

No bunnies.

Incidental Text only[/b]. A street sign welcoming us to Brobdingnag is okay. Dialogue or titles are not.

Free half baked idea:
A mash-up of diverse characters, like Odysseus, Holmes, Dorothy, etc. all enjoying the Madd Hatters Tea.

Do we still have any legal experts, even if a book is in public domain what are the issues if it’s been the subject of a recent movie?

As long as the imagery is based on an interpretation of the classic, and does not contain imagery from a reimagined recent version, it should be good.

However, I’ve got no ideas that I’m technically able to pull off. Maybe some mashup of Pinocchio and Moby Dick…

iirc, you are bird dude. surely there must be some bird mythology that can form half of your mashup.

The Little Mermaid/Moby Dick…
Trying to decide on colors. Thanks!

Jas, I kinda like the light blue one. However, the sails look odd. They should be straight vertical on the side that is against the masts… But still a neat idea.

Thanks Skek. Does that mean you also kinda like the grey one?

I’m not totally sure what you mean about the sails, but I’ll try to look at some ship photos and correct it somehow!:slight_smile:

Edit: Is this better?

Sails look better. Is there any way to use one more color? Looks kind of dull.

Thanks poof.
Hmm well I do have more colors, but I also already submitted it… I did change some more parts of it, take a look:

Do you still think it looks dull? I could resubmit.