Derby CyberPub #143: Urf day

Derby #143: Earth Day

This Derby we’re trying something a little different. April 22 is Earth Day, and regardless of the politics we can all agree that ours is a pretty nifty planet to inhabit. That’s why Shirt.Woot is partnering with The Sierra Club to present a special Earth Day shirt design printed on certified organic cotton shirts; look for it on Earth Day next Thursday, April 22! We’re getting started early with this week’s Earth Day Derby. This Derby’s a little unique: winning artists will receive a stash of Sierra Club merch in addition to the usual Woot payout. A really nifty design might even become Sierra Club merch, but that’s one of those “possible, not plausible” kind of things we definitely wouldn’t guarantee. Artists don’t get all the fun; check out our blog for details on how you can win a trip for two to Hawaii courtesy of the Sierra Club.

Whew. Anyway, for this Derby, show us what’s important to you on Earth Day. What’s your favorite part of living here? How do you make this place better? What’s the one natural wonder you’ve got to see before you die? It’s a pretty broad topic, but show us how you, in the words of the Sierra Club motto, “Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet.” Now for the usual rules:

No copyrighted images. We’re partners, but the Sierra Club would probably still get uppity if we stole their logo.

No commemorations. We don’t want “EARTH DAY 2010!” shirts that are out of date before they even show up in the mail. Show us your appreciation of Earth, not April 22.

No video games.

No bunnies.

No text.

No vampire bats. A totally random rule from a totally random Woot staffer totally randomly-named Shawn.

I love anything promoting protecting the environment/the earth, etc… so it was a bit odd that I found myself a bit low on design ideas that wouldn’t take all week…anyway…
my first attempt…