Derby CyberPub #144: You Gotta Work!

Derby #144: How Do They Work?

You know, those murderous rapping clowns and their NSFW-due-to-naughty-language music video got us thinking, too. How DO magnets work? Or for that matter, what about nuclear power plants? Anyone going to go over toaster ovens with us? For this derby we want you to show us how things work OR, in the event of your not knowing exactly, how you THINK they work. We’d certainly appreciate a graphic detailing the processes involved in launching the space shuttle, but a shirt explaining that our garbage disposal is just a pit full of hungry badgers would work just fine, too. If you need inspiration or information as to how some things actually work, David Macaulay is a good place to start. Now, for the rules:

[b]No video games.

No Star Wars.[/b]

Use minimal text. We don’t want to deny the comedy potential in labeling your diagrams, but we don’t want a shirt with your senior thesis on microwave radiation, either.

No earthworms. A totally random rule from a totally random Woot staffer totally randomly-named Melinda.

Just stopping in for a cuppa tea.

oooh! bunnies!

“How does overpopulation work?”

explain exponential growth?

I don’t want to quite divulge my idea until I have more of it down, but just wondering which kitten you cyberpubbers before… kitten 1 (lying down) or kitten 2 (sitting). I have kittens on the brain - just adopted 2 adorable kittens this week! They are the cutest!:smiley:

Why are they sad?

hmm kittens just sort of have a naturally downward mouth. I find it cute. Is it too sad?

I guess it depends on what you’re doing. Real life or cute kitties.

The heck with cartoon kittens. I want to see pictures of his new kittens!

haha well considering I’ve already taken hundreds of pictures, I guess I can show a few:D


They are much smaller than they look in the pictures too.

awwww, how cute!


I said that already!

awwww my Pumer was an all black kitty.

I wish I wasn’t allergic to cats and kitty litter, I loved having him sleep with me.

haha thanks everyone. They get awwws out of me everytime I look at them.
Now am I going to get any design help?:wink:
Actually it’s quite related to your reactions.
Here are 2 different takes, a bit more fleshed out (not final)… any thoughts to which works better?

Or maybe instead of, or with the heart, there’d be an ‘awwww’.

Or like this:

Edit: Aww shucks Kt… sleeping with a cat is the best! Was it bad even if he slept at the foot of the bed?

The head tilt’s good.
And I like the sitting position better.
And the fur.

I’m not sure what to do to improve this, but here’s what I got:

Actually I wasn’t allergic until I turned 20. So we did fine. After the allergy though, whenever I came home I would break out and be miserable, and I found myself doping up before I got home. It got worse each return. By then that wasn’t that often so I just doped up. Sadly, he is now in kitty heaven.

I agree, I like the first rendition, with all the parts labeled.