Derby CyberPub #145: BOING!

Derby #145- Spring

The air smells sweet, the sun shines longer, and there are actual living animals out chirping and frolicking. Spring is officially in the air, so for this week’s Derby give us your take on the season of life: new beginnings, rebirth, April showers, May flowers, baby animals, spring cleaning, or those tasty Spring Mix bags of salad. Think pastels and happiness. Yeah, we’ve done this before, but blame nature; this happens every year, y’know. And yes, we know, Spring can even mean bunnies. Get it out of your systems now, because we’re locking them down after this. Now for the rest of the rules:

[b]No text.

No video games.

No Star Wars.

No depictions of Muhammad Ali. A totally random rule from a totally random Woot staffer totally randomly-named Russ.[/b]

Note- this is the same theme as Derby #35. My older designs for this derby are here. The one I really wanna resub is this one:



total noob question: it’s ok to submit more than one entry, right? haven’t seen it stated that you can’t and I think I’ve seen other designers do it, but not totally sure… Help!

as many as you want.


Submit everything!

A good site to check things out is: This site has a tracker that is pretty accurate, and you get to see what other people have submitted. The top submitter in the last derby put in 11 different designs…

Also, they have badges!

This is my first derby, I’m wondering if I can get any advice on how to advertise my design. I’m pretty lost. ^^;

Also, I wonder if someone could tell me how to change my signature. =(

The second is easier, so I start with that first. You go into my account up top, and at the bottom there’s the sig space. You put the same code you have in your shirt link into that space, and you’re set. Only caveat is that there’s a 100 pixel height limit without scrolling. Looks like you already have that sig set up.

The other one, you’re already doing it. But pimping it on a social network works too. Try hashtags #shirtwoot, #derby, and some based on your design.

Good luck!