Derby Cyberpub: "I'm Dead. Why am I Even Here?"


Say things about shirts!


I have a bunch.

There are some I wish I got.
Some I got and then never wore.


I have a couple I never wore too!


i have two woot shirts.

whenever i wear either of them, mrs. 1 says “ugh. that shirt again? so ugly.”


Maybe you should’ve chosen better.


well, she was the only one who would take me–

oh, i bet you meant the shirts. they were free!


Free crap is still crap!


Not if it comes from woot.


what does this mean, exactly?


sob. see if I ever give you another shirt!


mrs 1 thinks everything i picked myself is ugly.


note that i still wear your shirt proudly.


oooooh, it was the Schrobbler that called it crap! never mind, then.


send $$$, please.


I was talking about the shirts no1 got that his wife doesn’t like. As if I know which ones they are! The kiwi shirt is worn sparingly so as to preserve it.




I have and like both of those… maybe reasonable people can disagree.


that’s nice. I have a low blood glucose again and am not being responsible in my posting. pls ignore me! 70 now, was 54 earlier today.


having a tough day.


is the exposure to oxygen aging you rapidly? perhaps you should return to your freezer.