Derby Cyberpub: "I'm Dead. Why am I Even Here?"

what’s going on? why is your blood so bloody weird today?

So, you have the kiwi shirt and the one your corn guy is on?

is that a question or a statement?


Is there anyone at home who is responsible enough to keep an eye on you…

or in other words

are your wife or daughter at home?

It was a question, until I found the answer and saw that I was right.

Schrobble, you should have bought multiple kiwi shirts. I learned my lesson with the goldfish shirt.
I have 4 kiwi’s in the family.

I’m fine now. thanks for having that many, but, really, it IS just a shirt.

It has been awhile since we talked about who had you phone number to call the house and see if you were ok.
Heck, years

my whole family was here! We were working on it the whole time. This was not that severe of an issue, but it did tend to leave my comments a little unreserved.

were the kids shoveling ice cream down your throat?


That has been going on all week.

mostly coca cola, milk, cookies, cereal.

geez. hope you’re feeling better.

probably so, but this would have displeased the money spender for having depleted her spending fuel.

Oh, I understand.

But maybe a spare when it is a friend? It is only 5 cups of coffee.

I have these two shirts as well. For a while I thought I ought to wear them sparingly to preserve them for the ages, but then I realized that by NOT wearing them, not only would I deprive these shirts from fulfilling their T-shirt destiny, but also I would have fewer opportunities for people to say “cool shirt,” which would allow me to say “yeah, I know the guy who drew it,” or “look, see this pair of dancing lips here? I drew that…”

That is pretty cool actually. I just don’t have a lot of days where I both wear a t-shirt and leave the house. Only 2 days a week!

that’s like 5% of the time!

the other 6 days you go out nekkid?