Derby entry comments for Derby #100: Mystery

I had high hopes for a design about another Fedora wearing adventurist with a penchant for globes.

But this will do nicely.

Hah! Very cool. Not sure it’s on topic, and sadly, I tuck my shirts in so the interesting part would go missing…

Ignore all of those other people - white is a perfectly fine and acceptable color for this shirt, it goes with the pattern, and if they don’t want it they don’t have to buy one. The camera does seem to be pointing at a viewer, instead of at the other yeti, and that sort of bugs me, though i could see it as “how the yeti got pictures of us”, though i guess that doesn’t really fit the theme. I really like the design, and might buy one even with the camera angle bugging me a little, but don’t get disheartened but some of those other pessimistic comments. You can do it! I hope this gets into the fog soon.

Because cats are awesome and the game Clue rocks.

Amazing design, I want one!!! Everybody should vote for this, i was ecstatic earlier when i saw it in the recent hotness bar. I really hope this wins.

Hmmm let’s see:
-Open forum
-Wasn’t your conversation to begin with
-And you’re being a general d-bag about it.

Other than watching you flail helplessly as you lose in a battle of wits, I see no reason to go further. But I’m sure you’ll continue to look like an ass.

If it the people were creme Mrs. White’s maid uniform wouldn’t have any contrast and she would appear to be b/w and everyone else in color. I’d like to see it as an option but I suspect that this works better because of the uniform.

It’s not the past few months. It’s however many months since the versus derby. I’ll let you go find the link to see why that derby, if you don’t remember the outcome. It’s not the artists’ fault that junk wins. For example, Quick Brown Fox was a joke entry and I never expected it to win, hence I never expected money from it. It just made me laugh when I was doodling and happened to hit a note with voters. I see no reason to smash the artists for voting patterns.

My rule of thumb now is to

  1. SUPPORT the artists (so long as they don’t break rules or persue copyright infringement like Broccoli). It’s not their fault that voters are weird and the woot system is shoddy.
  2. RESPECT the opinions of others and any well founded arguments they might have. For example, I respect that you have a different opinion from me regarding the shirt being on theme. I see a certain episode of NCIS in it which took an hour to unravel the mystery. You don’t. Oh well. You however, have little to no respect for my rationale in supporting artists or my opinion on this shirt (or others) and think me a liar and a sellout. Thanks champ.

I don’t like the system around here either, but when I can’t stand the ridiculousness of it all I leave for a week. I don’t flame people. If you think that my support of artists and disapproval of unfounded flames is selling out then that’s the way it goes. That is your choice to project a negative light on me and whoever else you want. Bummer.

Love the colors on this shirt - a fun shirt to look at, it tells a nice story.

I didn’t know there were halftones behind the reaper until I read this post. I had to look at your picture a third time to see them.

Auspicious for the printing of this shirt.

Full of winnnnnnnn.


This is adorable and funny… but I’m really not understanding the gun. Is that part of the Loch Ness Monster lore that I’m forgetting? That it shoots deadly projectiles? Or is it something about penguins being vicious? Something about this just isn’t holding together for me.

I can’t really fathom why people are voting for this one, either. The mystery was never who was TAKING the Bigfoot pictures. It’s who or what is in the pictures. Shirt Woot voters are getting worse and worse!

I agree, why do girls have to be so complicated? Girls ask themselves this too I think. Sorry man!

It’s not an obvious woot reference, if at all.

What other mysterious fog would consume an artist? Regular fog? then why an artist?

I’ll have to back him up on that one…while my shirt after many washes is no where near that light and still looks good, the skull is almost impossible to see unless you are looking for it.

Crap! Its bouncing in and out of the fog! Come on folks! Keep voting for this design!

An ad hominem argument is also an attack; yes it is used to change the subject, but it does so by shifting the focus away from the argument towards the the orator who made it. And it does this by attacking that person, rather than attacking their argument. It is not an either or; ad hominem is both a verbal attack AND an argument.

I apologize for the ‘bulldog’ comment although I assure you I was aware of the irony of my statement. That you could recognize yourself in it speaks volumes.

ROFL the Lees would be proud!