Derby entry comments for Derby #100: Mystery

no you retard ITS NOT PRINTABLE ON THE COLLAR, like the collar of the shirt…good one though…being a dick and everything

I see it now. This is cute I love it. up-voted*

I’m concerned that the blue circles will be inappropriately placed on a female. <forward-slashself-mocking>

LOL! Its too late, I already have a cat, a dog, and a fish at home!

Woot, if you’re listening - I will buy the hell out of this shirt if it prints. The real “mystery” in this derby is how ***'s quality design fell out of the fog when that ugly swirly/book/halftone thing is still in.

Thanks for the votes and support, guys! I can’t believe how crazy this derby has been!

Yeah I know you were trying to defend me, but this is a public forum and Jaden is definitely welcome in any of my shirt design threads.

Funny, I always thought of this site as a place to vote for and buy t-shirts. I didn’t realize it was all about designers whining about losing to what they considered to be inferior products.

This reminds me of when coworkers complain to management about someone breaking some stupid rule just because they’re jealous that they can’t get away with it.

Just a word of advice: if you want things to change, do it by bettering your own work. Some things may be great works of art but people might not want them displayed on their chest. Petty name-calling and bickering doesn’t solve anything.

The “fog of war” is not a trademark of Woot. Please vote for this shirt!!! Please research the true “rules” before commenting. Thank you.

Its a pucker!!!

JJ you sly dog. Startin’ all this controversy knowing it’ll get votes up on this design- very clever! Not that it needs any extra help- it’s excellent work.

About all the “depicting violence should be rejected” stuff, what about this

I understand it was rejected maybe under other means though…


I need another brown shirt like I need a hole in my head, but I really love this design. I sincerely hope it prints. I think it encapsulates the derby theme perfectly. Congratulations and good luck!

Maybe that’s a little easier

I love all the little details in this design. You managed to achieve a feeling of whimsy without it being cutesy or childish, which isn’t an easy thing to do IMHO.

For some reason, the overall effect makes me think of Miyazaki’s version of Howl’s Moving Castle.

I can’t wear the yellow (makes my hair look greenish), but the color scheme in general is very pleasing to me and I voted for it because I’d find someone to buy it for (read: I would probably keep it and wear it anyway). As an aside… if you ever make this into a framed print, I have the perfect spot for it to hang in my house.

I have to side with Adder here on this point. If the artist didn’t create and submit bad designs, than the public at large wouldn’t be able to vote for them. Sure the public votes for them and bares a good share of the fault for it, but the artist is the one that conceived the design, created it, and submitted it for voting. Its entire existence is due to the artist, not the voting public.

The only way the artists gets any reprieve for using the voter pattern is when they create a design just to win and they don’t really care for it. In which case, this reflects even more poorly on them, IMO, as they are simply pandering.

Not PG-13. There rule broken.

A good policy to have, but so far, I haven’t seen that many well founded arguments here as to why this is a mystery or why its PG-13. Just what people are reading into it and arguments about Mortal Kombat blood.

On a side note, it wasn’t the blood in Mortal Kombat that made parents and politicians freak out. It was the fact that you had Sub Zero ripping out a man’s head and spine with blood dripping off of it in a very graphic fashion. Not to mention Kano ripping out someone’s heart and biting it.

I don’t think you are a liar, but I do think that you are very sycophantic to the “wonder twins” as Adder as so called them. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen people jump down on them for nonsensical reasons, and I’m glad there are people to stand up to those morons for them. However, this isn’t one of those incidents. While I don’t think that this design is on topic, I can see how some might think it is. I firmly disagree, but I can see where you’re coming from. What I feel is not debatable is that brain matter coming out of the back of his head is beyond Woot’s stereotypical limits.

I haven’t flamed anyone here(unless you count me saying that I don’t respect you anymore), so I don’t know where you going with that. However, you have flamed in this very thread. And you might not like the system around here, but you seem to have no quarrels working it. I can’t fault you for your designs being cute, as you’ve always been that way, but I can fault you for your seemingly unwavering defense of these artists, even if the accusations/complaints are founded/valid/reasonable.

And just reference, I still love the Say no to scurvy shirt.

That shirt is awesome! Do you know if it’s being sold somewhere else?

Pandering or No Pandering this shirt is not only great in concept, it’s very well executed.

If you call pandering, i call shenanigans.


Hey, woot! Didja forget about this?

Joel, everything at all similar to this has been rejected every time before this, and that is a big reason why that people have gotten the idea that you have favoritism, as you asked about during a previous derby. You don’t give a pass like you’re doing here to anyone else- not once.

Yeah, it’s very frustrating. I’m getting whiplash watching this shirt. >.<

This is the best shirt I’ve seen in this derby so far (and I’ve been going down from the top). I just hope it makes it to the fog before the derby closes…